5 Reasons To Get the Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet

Madison has always had an affinity for electronics, which is why we got her the Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet, but read on to find out why we did. 

We received the Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet, however, all opinions are mine alone.

I have never been one to advocate for electronics over real playtime, which includes running around and just being a kid outdoors. After all, I grew up a time when we stayed outside until the moon came up, or as we would say, the streetlights came on. However, the realization that our children are living in a different time is something that we as adults need to come to grip with. 

Sure, actual outdoor and even indoor play is great for kids and their imaginations. Getting natural vitamin D (with sunscreen for skin protection) is great, and so is fresh air. There’s an old saying that goes, “There is a time and a place for everything under the sun,” and when it comes to my kids, especially my youngest, having a tablet in her hand, I’d much prefer if it were the Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet

Here are my top 5 reasons for getting Madison the Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet.

1. First the price and the warranty!

Let’s get this clear: I’m not by any means swimming in money, so whenever a purchase is made, it’s made with care. The Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet sells for a fraction of the price of those other high-end tablets and includes a much better warranty. Not only does her Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet come with a rugged kid-proof case that can withstand almost everything that your kids throw at them, but it also comes with a 2-year, no-questions-asked warranty that is included for free. That means that if she drops and breaks it, Amazon will replace it, and I didn’t even have to buy an extended warranty. 

2. I’m in control

As a parent, you love being in control of what your children see and do when they’re young because, obviously, you want to protect them. Since Madison is in kindergarten, she has a bedtime of 7:30 on weekdays, but that doesn’t mean that I want her to be fixated on a tablet screen from the time she gets home until she goes to bed.

With the Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet, I can set time limits for how long she can use her tablet, both on weekends and weekdays. However, it’s not that easy. As you can see, she has a time limit of 1 hour, but she has to read a book for at least 15 minutes before she can do anything else, and at 7 p.m., her Kindle Fire Kids Edition tablet automatically shuts itself off. And speaking of reading books, that brings me to my next point.

3. It’s an E-Reader

Madison is learning to read in kindergarten, and while we have a great book selection in her library, most of them are past her grade level of reading, so that means that I usually read them to her. The Kindle Fire Kids Edition tablet has lots of age-appropriate books that she can read not just on her own or as an audiobook, but with me as well. This also enables us to spend quality time together.

4. Age appropriate video and apps

I worry constantly about what Madison is watching, especially when it comes to YouTube videos. Sure, there is a kids version, but even there, sometimes the “not so good stuff” gets in. With Amazon’s Fire Kids Edition tablet, the worry is gone. Not only are they age-appropriate, but they are also educational as well. What’s great about all this is that there are no ads or in-app purchases, so I never have to worry that Madison is going to accidentally purchase something.

5. I love FreeTime Unlimited

How do I get to have all those apps, videos, games, and books without having to worry about purchasing them? With FreeTime Unlimited! This is a subscription service for kids age 3-12, but it’s included for the first year for free with your purchase of the Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet. Your kids get unlimited access to thousands of those age-appropriate books, videos and apps, and even games, from top brands that your kids love such as Disney, Nickelodeon and even PBS.

Now while those are all great reasons and features of her new Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet, there’s one more reason, and I call that my bonus reason, for purchasing the Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet for Madison.

*Bonus Reason. It keeps her occupied on vacations/trips

We travel extensively during the year, and every summer we do an annual family road trip. Traveling for hours with kids in the car is enough to give anyone a headache. Not only do I hear “Are we there yet?”, “How much longer?” and lots of incessant whining and complaining, it gets a little tiring hearing the same “I Spy” game all day long. The Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet keeps not only Madison, but also the other kids, entertained for hours. While there are games that they can play together, it encourages sharing because they switch out and share for a short time until the other wants to play.

While once again I would never advocate electronics over actual playtime, I still love the Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet for all the reasons above. Currently, there are 2 versions available. The Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet which has an 8” HD display, 32 GB of storage, and the same kid-proof case, is priced at $129.99, or the Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet which has a 7” display, 16 GB of storage, a kid-proof case, and is priced at $99.99. No matter which way you go, you really can’t go wrong.

Pick up an Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet for your own child today, and stay tuned to find out how it brought me and Madison closer together!

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