Tips for a Family-Wide Spring Wardrobe Refresh!

Although the winter season is filled with celebration, love and family-time it can also be coupled with lots of clutter! The transition from winter to spring doesn’t just happen with the weather and food but also all throughout the house. There is nothing quite like being able to open up all your windows and doors and transform your home from it’s winter version to it’s spring-ready self!

I’m sure this is where the term “spring cleaning” was coined. An all-inclusive clean is definitely necessary, but today I was inspired by Tommy John, a men’s underwear company to focus on closets specifically. A closet, in my opinion, can never get enough TLC. With ongoing organization, bettering your closet is a constant journey!

I always like to start with my closet! It’s helpful to start with your own closet because you can easily use it as the “guinea pig” for the rest of the house. I always like to start with clothes. I recently learned about the “four pile method,” and it has become a staple when going through my family’s wardrobe. Here are the steps to this method:

Pile 1: The Keep Pile

Your must haves. You LOVE these items and couldn’t possibly part with them. They fit you well and you wear them often.

Pile 2: The On-The-Fence Pile

You feel like you have to keep them, but you aren’t exactly sure why.

Pile 3: The Donation/Consignment Pile

These items are out of style, they don’t fit me, or I simply don’t wear them anymore.

Pile 4: Throw Away!

These items aren’t in good condition anymore and wouldn’t be fit for someone else’s use.

I would love to encourage you all to donate any and all of your old clothes that are going to Pile 3. There are tons of wonderful local organizations who accept donations. If you can’t find a local donation shop there are always Goodwill and The Salvation Army to check out! What an easy way to help a family or individual in need?

For all of my readers with a significant other, first and foremost introduce them to the pile process! There will inevitably be items they simply can’t part with, but ladies, it’s definitely time to get rid of all his holey boxers or briefs – and time he considers investing in some real men’s underwear. Next, help him figure out what items have just passed their style prime. Once he gets the hang of it, it’s on to your kids’ rooms!

These are always my favorite part of a Spring Clean Out! I do tend to get slightly sentimental when it comes to ditching any of my children’s clothing, but I also find it exciting! Getting rid of an outworn and outgrown clothes mean my babies are healthy, active, and growing, which is a true blessing!

For the seasonal things that have not yet been outgrown or outworn, consider shifting things like hats, scarves and snow pants into a seasonal bin to be tucked away in storage and pulled out next year. This will open up available space for all the flip flops, goggles, and swim trunks needed for the soon to come summer! Don’t forget the four pile process for the kiddos too!

Now that all the closets have been whipped into shape you should feel almost clutter free!  I then like to start taking on the cupboards and pantries, but that my friends is a post for another day.

Let’s discuss: How do you declutter your wardrobe, do you use the pile system? 

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