10 Things You Need for Your New Dog #PrideBites

When you get a new pet you need a few things on hand but you can feel a bit with the endless choices that are available on the market. With great love and care we look for the best we can for our pets and wonder  “did I get EVERYTHING we need?” Or we sit and wonder do I need this for my pet or is it unnecessary? When you’re getting a new dog for the first time you have so many questions. Here are the top ten things you need for your new dog to help him feel safe and welcome, keeping training simple and easy, and ensuring he grows strong and healthy.

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High Quality Food:
 When you get a new dog you should get a high quality food with plenty of protein and healthy fats that will help your dog grow strong and healthy. You will need to provide nice clean drinking water as well for your new dog.

 Treats are great tools for training new dogs. You can feel great about giving your dog a healthy and fun treat to reward them as you train them to use the bathroom outside, follow household rules, and how to use a leash.

Collar and Harness:
This is a necessity for a new dog. Personally I use a collar for identification in the event that he gets loose, although be sure to have your dog microchipped as well. A harness is used to help you train your dog to walk on a leash so they get plenty of exercise to be healthy and happy for many years.

A Leash:
Even if you have a fenced yard for your new dog to run, it is important for them to get out often. Many areas have a leash policy for dogs and you do not want a ticket for not following it. They make great leashes that retract so you can give your dog enough space to venture out but keep them close when needed.

Doggy poo bags:
With a leash and walking comes the unavoidable poo. These bags come in handy for all that dog walking. No one likes the guy that leaves the dog poo in their yard. Be a good pet owner and a great neighbor by taking doggy poo bags with you when you go for a walk and pick up after your dog.

Chew Toys:
New puppies are just like new babies and love to play and chew, especially if they’re going through their teething stage. If you do not want your favorite shoes to become the next chew toy buy your dog a few toys for around the house to keep him happy and your household items safe from unintended harm.

Grooming Supplies:
Whether playing in the trash can as they test the boundaries or rolling in the mud for fun, dogs are known for acting like small children and finding messes. A great natural shampoo, and brush are vital to keeping both your dog and your house clean. A nail trimmer or file will help reduce scratches from an excited dog jumping up to greet you.

A Veterinarian:
When you bring your new dog home, you will want to ensure he is healthy and strong. A trip to the vet for a his healthcare needs including his vaccines should be on the top of your list for your new dog.

A Place to Sleep:
 Either a crate with a soft cushion or a dog bed if you plan to not use a crate will give your dog a safe and comfortable place they can rest besides crawling into your bed.

Lots of love and attention:
While you cannot get this at the local pet store, you can not forget it either. Often when we get a pet for our children the novelty wears off after a while and the pet is left without much attention. Your new dog is now a part of the family and needs that companionship. You may have to remind children that their new dog needs some love and attention once in awhile.

Our cocker spaniel Bentley is the love of our lives and is treated as such. He recently received a personalized custom bone chew toy from PrideBites™and he was one of the happiest pooch ever. He couldn’t wait to get his paws and teeth in it and I had no worries about him chewing since these are very high quality toys. Bentley has had his toy for a few months now and it is still in great condition. The squeaker is one of his favorite feature and he chews on it until he can hear it squeak. This also makes a great training tool. I also love that it is machine washable so I can keep it clean and sanitary.

Now if you’ve never heard of PrideBites™, they’re the maker of high quality personalized accessories for your furry friend. The process of purchasing the product of your choice is also very simple. You pick the product you want, choose the color, design and add your own personalized touch. In a few weeks your item will delivered and you’ll have one happy furry friend on your hands. I was able to see them on ABC’s Shark Tank where they were able to get the nod of two Sharks for their business, and I know the Sharks are not going to regret their business decision.

So if your pet is a member of your family, spoil him or her by getting them a personalized product from PrideBites™.

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