How to Survive Freshman Year in High School

Heading from middle school to high school can seem somewhat intimidating to the average teenager. No more will you be in the safety of those peers you grew up with as you head off to the larger high school that allows you to blend in with grades 9th through 12th. Many first time freshman year high school students are filled with mixed emotions on this next chapter in their life. Today I am sharing some tips on how to survive freshman year in high school so that you can help your teenager relax and breeze through the first days of being a high school freshman.

Attend Orientation

Be certain to attend high school freshman orientation, if your high school offers this option. First impressions do matter, so be certain that your teen is dressed appropriately and you both are ready to engage with the question and answer sessions. You will want to be sure the guidance counselors and high school staff see both your high school student and you as a team wishing to be involved in this transition.

Prepare for Classroom Locations

In addition to attending orientation you will want to know where all of your classes are located within the high school prior to the first day of freshman year. Try to print out a map of the high school and keep it handy in your pocket throughout the day to ensure you know where each class is located. Now that you are a freshman in high school you have less time between classes to get from point A to point B and it’s important to show to class on time.

Print Schedule & Save Locker Number

Be sure that the high school schedule has been printed out and if possible, minimized so that it can fit on the back of a cell phone or other small binder that you carry with you throughout the day. Also make note of your locker number on this piece of paper so that you have a one-stop view of where you need to be and what the locker number is for ease of transition between classes. Nothing adds anxiety to your plate more than not remembering what your next class is or what the locker number assigned to you was.

Learn to Mingle Like a High Schooler

Remember that you are in with the older kids now and stopping in the middle of the hallway like in middle school years just won’t fly up in the big high school. It’s time to learn how to mingle like a high schooler. Sure, you will see your friends in between classes in the hallway, try to resolve to meet them after school to chat about your day or meet at lunch if you have the same lunch break. Do not stop in the middle of the hallway to mingle or you will cause a traffic jam and upset a lot of high schoolers who are on their way to class.

There are many ways you can survive freshman year and being a high schooler can be very exciting indeed. Use our tips and you’ll be breezing through high school like a pro.

Let’s discuss: What other tips can you share about surviving freshman year in high school?

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