Dramamine® For Kids = Sweet Relief – #AdventuresInMotion

As you know, traveling is in my blood. I love doing it and if I had unlimited funds, you would never find me at home. I’d be jet-setting around the world. However, lack of funds and the kids being in school usually puts a damper on my plans. You may remember me telling you about the new Dramamine® Non-Drowsy Naturals and how it helps me on my travels. However, Dramamine® not only helps me but it also helps my kids as well. Both my son and daughter, Mikael and Madison also suffer from motion sickness. Mikael a lot more than Madison. 

I remember the very first time Mikael got sick. We were in the Caribbean on vacation and happened to be driving around the country. I do recall him, saying that he wasn’t feeling well, but did not pay much attention to it at the time. We lived in NYC so he was accustomed to riding on the subway and on the bus, experiences with cars, unless it was a cab wasn’t too often. Granted to say, the back seat of the vehicle we were in didn’t have a very good outcome. We weren’t lucky enough to have Dramamine® for Kids at the time, but now we do and we don’t ever leave home without it.

Mikael to this very day cannot go for long distances in the car without feeling sick. Madison is very much the same and I always make sure that they both take their Dramamine® for Kids before we leave to go anywhere at all. When we’re doing our road trips in the summer, I would prefer to only stop for bathroom breaks and food and not because someone is sick and throwing up in the back seat. Not only does that delay our trip time, but it also doesn’t smell good and trust me, air fresheners does not disguise the smell.

Madison, I’ve noticed have never had any problem with flying and neither does Mikael. However it may be the motion of the car, combined with the windows either being up/down that does it. And it isn’t just motion sickness, amusement park rides do it as well. So high flying rides that spins you around and makes you dizzy, can start off that feeling of nauseousness and can ruin a trip to the amusement park.

While it’s great to have the various “remedies” including candy in your bag, I highly suggest keeping Dramamine® for Kids in your bag instead. Dramamine® for Kids is the only medicated motion sickness relief product formulated just for children ages 2-12 from the #1 Pharmacist recommended brand. What that means is that it is great for your toddlers and just as the original Dramamine® and the new Dramamine® Non-Drowsy Naturals work wonders for me an adult, the kids version works wonders for my kids.

Dramamine® for Kids treats symptoms of motion sickness on the spot and prevents nausea, dizziness, vomiting and queasiness. All the stuff that you would prefer not to happen when on vacation, or even on your way to school. Dramamine® for Kids also comes in a convenient travel case and contains a safe, precise dose in a fun, chewable grape flavor. You do not want to overdose on medicine and this makes it easy for everyone. Madison swears that it tastes great and I believe her because she’s one of those picky eaters, who hates almost everything these days. So when she says, “it tastes good”, it tastes good!

So if motion sickness is a problem for your kids and you want them to have a great experience to and from your destination, keep Dramamine® for Kids on hand. It will help keep their motion sickness at bay and you’ll all get to enjoy your journey as much as you will your destination!

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Let’s discuss: How do you help your kids with their feelings of nausea? 

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