How To Plan The Perfect Night Out With Your Friends

Everyone has a different idea of what the perfect night out with friends entails.   Maybe you want to catch up over dinner and drinks or play games at home. Maybe you just want to drink wine and laugh together in your pajamas all night long. All in all, you and your friends just want to have a good time together away from work and you have been tasked with making it happen.

Whatever you envision your perfect night out to be, this article covers how you can plan the perfect night out without breaking a sweat.

How To Plan The Perfect Night Out

Figure Out The Location Quickly

One of the most important things to consider about your perfect night out with friends is the location. You, your friends, and the location all need to be able to accommodate everyone’s ideas about what makes up “the perfect night.” Some of you may want complete privacy while others may want people watching. You could be looking for a party atmosphere or an intimate setting.

Maybe you are hoping for a lively karaoke bar with hundreds of songs, or maybe you want a bar that only plays vinyl records. Whatever the case may be, ensure you take every one preference into consideration.

Good Food Is Always a Screamer

In planning the perfect night, it is important to take food into consideration. Not only do you want to ensure that everyone gets fed, but you also want the food to be on point with your location.

You may be looking for somewhere casual where friends can just put in an order of nachos and drinks at the bar while they chat away the night or maybe you are looking for a sit-down meal at a fancy restaurant where every dish is worth writing home about.

Any good friend will plan out all of these locations with some idea of what kind of food would go best with them so talk it over beforehand.

Everybody Deserves A Drink

Similar to planning around food, it is important to consider how much alcohol will be involved when planning out your perfect night out.

You may be looking for a bar with an extensive drink menu full of cocktails, shots, beers, and wines or you might want to head somewhere casual that only serves wells. Go online and look up find bars near me for great ideas of where you can get drinks from. Do you have friends that are looking to dance the night away or are they more into fine dining? Maybe everyone just wants to sit around and play board games at home. Whatever the case may make sure to take their drink or alcohol preference into consideration.

How To Plan The Perfect Night Out

Make Sure Everyone Pays Their Own Way

Before you plan out your perfect night out, make sure everyone knows that they will need to pay for themselves. This is especially important if you are planning on splitting the bill evenly amongst yourselves. Nobody likes coming up short on cash at the end of the night so it is important to have everyone pay for themselves.

Make It Clear That Everyone Is Welcome

When planning out your perfect night out with friends, making it clear that everyone is welcome. Placing restrictions on who can and cannot attend will cause unnecessary strain within your group so avoid doing this at all costs.

You want to ensure that everyone feels as though they are a part of something and having strict rules about “the guest list” goes directly against this. For example, if one friend comes from an abusive home and does not wish to be around large groups then you should respect that person’s wishes and only include them in outings where it is okay for them to leave early or come alone.

Send Out Texts 24 Hours Before the Night Out

When planning out your perfect night out with friends, it is helpful to send out a text or email 24 hours before. This will allow every one of your friends to make adjustments if they need to and also give them an ample amount of time to prepare for what’s ahead.

Be sure to include some sort of general message that tells everyone where you’ll be and how long until they can expect you home as well as some nights communicate who is in charge of bringing what snacks or drinks. If someone was supposed to bring drinks but no longer plans on attending then somebody else should fill their spot accordingly.

Overall, planning out the perfect night out with friends does not have to be an overwhelming task and can actually be a great way to bond. Try planning out a few nights that fit each of the criteria mentioned above and document how each one goes. You can then use your findings to help plan out more perfect night-outs with friends in the future.

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