7 DIY Projects That Will Raise Your Home’s Value

Doing home DIY projects are an absolute blast on their own. Just imagine doing certain home DIY projects that can actually raise the value of your home.

This is one of those rare win-win situations in life. You can finally feel like you’re spending to both invest for your future and do what will make you happy.

There are so many different DIY projects you can do for your home to make your space look and feel incredible. Focusing on projects that improve your home while also adding value is a great spot to start. These 7 DIY tasks are perfect, to begin with.


There are literally countless examples of smart storage ideas on the Internet. There is the ever-popular minimal trend, solidified by the worldwide popularity of Marie Kondo’s minimalist approach to tidying up. In addition, there are endless inspirations found on social media platforms. Clever storage is an absolute crowd-pleaser.

As a home buyer, imagine seeing one clever shelf or one space-saving drawer that maximizes design, aesthetics, and space. As an example, a simple dining set that doubles as a 5x storage unit will be absolutely irresistible as well.

People are always pushing to find ways to keep their homes tidy and organized. Clever storage is pretty much the only thing that’s allowing this to happen. Here are a few ideas:

  • Repurpose old wooden boxes and turn them into trendy and stylish hexagonal shelves for the bedroom
  • Create storage shelves in your garage to maximize space 
  • Simple wood panels can be used for additional storage in your kitchen. Simply paint with some color pop to give them a refined look

This is one guaranteed way to give your home that modern and unique feel while adding increased functionality.


Let’s say you want to immediately add a few hundred dollars (sometimes even thousands) to the value of your home. If so, it’s time to invest in solar panels or a wind turbine.

The benefits of installing solar panels or wind turbines:

  • Reducing your Carbon Footprint: Our use of energy that is produced by burning fossil fuels, is directly causing Global Warming. Using alternative sources of energy like solar and wind can reduce your home’s contribution towards the climate’s problem. 
  • You’ll save money on electricity: Because you are producing your own energy, you will reduce the cost of your monthly bills by a considerable amount. This is most definitely worth it for bigger homes that accommodate larger families.
  • You won’t run out of energy: There aren’t many days that you will not get solar or wind energy to collect for your home. Even when all the fossil fuels have been burnt, you will still have a source of free energy. And that assurance is an entirely different investment in itself.

There are plenty of companies that install solar, but you can also put together a project on your own. The steps are to start by finding solar panels, and then determining how to connect those panels to your electric system.

You’ll also need to determine if you want to store the electricity you generate. For example, if you generate power during the daylight hours, but want to tap into it in the evening, you’ll need to store the energy in a battery pack.

Find out how much it’ll cost you to install a solar panel or wind turbine in your area. Or, opt to install panels yourself.


In many cases, it is the state of a bathroom that makes or breaks the purchasing commitment of a buyer. You could have a beautiful home. However, with an old fashioned bathroom, it’ll be harder to sell.

Another guaranteed way to increase the value of your home is by remodeling your bathroom. It doesn’t have to be an expensive project. Just replace anything that looks old and outdated.

Ways to remodel your bathroom:

  • Change your tiles: New, modern, clean tiles will most definitely change the entire feel of your bathroom. And changing your tiles can make the biggest difference. 
  • Replace your faucets: One guaranteed way of making your bathroom look more expensive is by replacing your faucets for both your sink and shower. Choose chrome as it will always look more modern, and it is easier to maintain. 
  • Add a modern mirror: A big and beautiful yet minimal mirror will always add that extra styled interior design look to your bathroom. It doesn’t have to be an expensive mirror, but adding a new one will make a big difference. Or, instead, opt to tackle a DIY mirror project by restoring an old one that you find at a thrift store.
  • Add plants: If there’s one common denominator in every interior design bathroom feature in every magazine out there, it’s a love of plants. Just one addition of a beautiful green plant adds a freshness to your space that makes it look absolutely stunning. 
  • Repaint your storage fixtures: Your cupboards and any wooden fixtures will definitely need a good repainting if you want your bathroom to look new and modern. Choose bright colors that compliment your tiles, and work perfectly with the colors of your decor. 

With enough changes, and a completely new paint job, you can have your space looking like something straight out of a magazine. You can make small changes, one at a time. Or, choose to renovate everything all in one go. Either way, it’ll be the perfect way to make your home more attractive to buyers.


The same goes for your kitchen as it does for your bathroom. A beautiful kitchen will definitely increase the value of your home as it is something most home buyers are looking for. Many reports suggest that you get the most bang for your buck by working on the kitchen.

You can save a lot of money by doing some of the projects yourself.

Ways to remodel your kitchen:

  • Change your kitchen tiles: A lot of the time, outdated, old, and stained kitchen tiles can really make a kitchen look old. A quick kitchen tile change can make the biggest difference in the way your entire kitchen looks.
  • Make storage conscious changes: Everyone loves a kitchen with lots of storage opportunities. Add some hidden and clever storage into every corner and possible space in your kitchen, and wow anyone who sees it. 
  • Change your sink: Again, if your sink looks old (and not in a rustic/vintage kind of way), then it’s a good investment to replace with something more modern. It doesn’t have to be an expensive change, but for as long as it looks new.

A potential buyer can be looking at 10 different homes, but if your kitchen stands out as the best, then you can assume that you will spark their interest.


Painting is simple, relatively quick, and inexpensive. As such, it makes for the perfect project to do yourself.

Light colors that range from white to light gray, pastels, and bright hues like pale yellow and creamy browns, are all perfect for making a room look brighter. The brighter a space looks, the bigger it seems.

Be clever with what paint color you use for a completely new paint makeover for your home. If necessary, try to create a digital model of your home. Test out the different colors you are choosing from.

Best colors that best reflect light:

  • White-Off white: Any color on the spectrum of white makes is ideal for reflecting light and makes a room look and feel bigger and brighter. 
  • Cream: Creamy brown colors are also great for creating a warm look, while still making a good space statement in a room.
  • Lavender: Lavender is soothing for the eyes, yet great for filling up a room with color, without dimming its feel.
  • Powder blue: Giving you the same feeling as seeing a clear blue sky, powder blue is very pleasant and depicts really happy and calm emotions as well as reflecting light well.
  • Soft Gray: If you don’t want everything to be too bright, but still want that spacious look to your space, use soft gray for your walls. It adds a warm yet modern look to any living area. 

This is what makes this DIY project perfect. It is affordable, yet it can make such a big difference in the overall appearance of your home. Repainting the interior and exterior walls of a home is always on the top of the list of ‘must-do’s’ when planning to sell any house.


Great lighting has the ability to make any room look 100% better, fresher, and more aesthetically pleasing. And adding great lighting to your home can make a big difference in its selling value.

The lighting you install will depend entirely on what a space’s interior looks like. For example, if your walls are white, and your furniture and decor plays with gray and blue tones, white soft (diffused) light is a great option to compliment your space.

Here’s a list of light choices and when to use them:

  • Fluorescent light: This is a sharper white color that enhances green and blue hues. This would be perfect for spaces that decorate with cooler colors.  
  • Halogen light: Halogen lighting is similar to the natural light we receive from the sun. It is a softer light and is a safe one to use as it compliments all colors well. 
  • Incandescent light: This type of light gives off a warm, yellow-colored light. It is best used to enhance warm colors such as oranges, yellows, and reds. On the other hand, it dulls cool colors like blue and green. 

Another additional lighting installation tip that will help make your home feel more modern is adding dimmer switches. This controls the strength of the light. Therefore you can change it from bright to dim. You can literally set different moods in a room with just one switch.


Do some extra DIY landscaping and gardening for your front lawn and backyard to give the exterior look of your home an entirely new makeover. Adding curb appeal adds tremendous value.

This, too, doesn’t have to be expensive. But a more organized design will look so much more appealing than your average garden.

What you can do to remodel your lawn:

  • Add lawn furniture: There’s nothing better than a lawn that invites you to be part of it. A cozy lawn will feel so much more cozier with outdoor furniture. Again, this doesn’t have to be anything expensive. Just something that’s new will be perfect.
  • Create flower beds: With just a couple of hundreds of dollars, you can already create a beautiful flower bed that will boost the appeal of your garden. Daylilies, Coneflowers, Agastache, Lantana, and Hosta are exceptional, affordable, and easy to maintain fillers for a flower bed.  
  • Add a pavement: Adding any type of pavement through your garden or yard, even with recycled rocks or pebbles, adds a designer feel to your landscape. It makes it feel like it is professionally organized. And therefore, it looks more expensive. 
  • Improve your grass care: Beautiful grass automatically means a more expensive-looking garden. For good grass care, do not trim it shorter than 3 inches, mow your lawn once every 3 weeks, water your grass 2 times a week, but don’t drown it.  
  • Build a fire pit: If you’ve ever seen a fire pit anywhere, it’s likely you get a little bit excited. Everyone loves a great bonfire night with friends and family, making smores, and staying warm around the fire. And seeing a fire in your back garden is an absolute treat for potential buyers.

You can do a lot to remodel your lawn, as landscaping is pretty easy to do yourself. And, it’s a fun way to get your creative imagination going when you’re thinking about how to design your lawn landscape.


Choosing to invest in your home with DIY projects can definitely be a fun and profitable decision. Follow these DIY projects to help you increase the value of your home, no matter how old or how small it is.

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