DIY Garden Improvements That Will Give Your Home an Upgrade

You don’t need to hire a gardener to improve your outdoor living space. Your garden is another room of your home, so here is how you can make the most of it.

beautiful landscaping with beautiful plants and flowers

Neglecting your garden is your right as a homeowner. Even so, improving the look of your garden has multiple benefits. You can grow your own flowers, food, or foliage. You can enjoy a beautiful sight from your window. You might even welcome yourself home warmly using an improved outdoor space. Your garden could be the untapped space where you might eventually receive guests or throw summer parties around the firepit. With a little imagination and the right DIY improvements, your garden could be your new favorite place.

DIY Garden Improvements

Upgrade Your Garden, Upgrade Your Life

Making your garden the envy of the neighborhood is simple when you know about these DIY garden improvements. 

Dress Your Garden Up

You can dress the space with a few choice pieces of furniture. Invest in a weatherproof umbrella or spend the money for a matching set of luxury outdoor chaise lounges. When you dress your garden with high-quality, luxury furniture, it gives you an instant upgrade, and you don’t need to touch a single tool if you don’t want to. This one is less of a DIY improvement and more of a cheat sheet. However, if you just forked out $3,000 for a new deck, you don’t want to decorate it with anything other than opulence. 

Dress Your Garden Down

One of the best uses of space for those with large gardens is to grow food. Think how sweet it would be to pick your own apples from your own tree. Seasonal produce varies depending on where you live and which season you plant. If you can master the call of the wild and grow your own vegetables, you will have a slimmer waistline for the extra workout and a far improved diet. There are seasonal food websites that can help you with planting.

Install Raised Beds for Flowers or Veggies

If you want to keep yourself in fresh flowers throughout the good weather, or if you want to catch those spring veggies, a raised bed is a must-have. When you plant straight into soil you run the risk of pests attacking your baby plants. Instead, you must plant in smaller pots indoors and transfer them outdoors when they are big enough to fight off bugs. One of the worst of those bugs are slugs, which will eat the entire plant. That’s what makes raised beds vital for gardening and essential for beautiful blooms in summer.

How to build a raised bed

You can build a raised bed using an old pallet. Break the wood down and create a rectangular structure on the ground. Next, install a base layer of gravel or loose chips from around the garden; you may add wood or leaves. Cover this with a layer of food set aside to compost, and then fill the box with soil. Transfer your plants into the bed and keep it watered.

Keeping up the Good Work

If you choose flowers, plants, and vegetables to brighten your garden with, make sure that you spend the time maintaining it. Without food and water, your plants could well die off in hot weather or freeze in cold weather. If you want to get the most out of your garden, check for disease and pests. A good garden blog can help you keep up with all these tasks.

Add a Decking or Patio Area

Even those with minimal woodworking skills can put together a decked area in their garden. You must not use a pallet for this though, it requires strong wood. Start by laying beams inside a basic frame, then top it with parallel planks. OK, so it isn’t simple, but with enough determination and a few YouTube videos, you can master anything.

Add a Trellis

If you have a particularly small garden – or even if you don’t – a trellis can add space to your garden. These can be pinned onto your standard fence or attached to the outer walls of your house. Once in place, you can use them to grow climbing plants like jasmine or honeysuckle. You can use small, lightweight plant pots hooked over the trellis to elevate the floral arrangements in your garden. You can even grow vegetables vertically using a similar system. 

Plant More Trees

The top tip for improving the look of your garden with a DIY upgrade is to start saving your seeds. Keep cherry and plum pips or put your apple seeds in water to see if they will sprout. Next, plant them in soil, nurse them until they are big enough, and move them outdoors. A pot will protect the tree until it is large enough to go into the ground. Trees have massive roots, so keep them away from your house. Plant one in your forever home, and you will have greenery, blossoms, and fruit.

Small (Garden) Steps Make Big Changes

Remember, when it comes to your garden, each small improvement makes a lasting positive change. With these DIY garden improvements, you can create a beautiful outdoor space for your family and friends to enjoy. Plus, the added food will save you money in the long run. You don’t have to be an experienced gardener to make changes; just follow some guides, do your research, and trust your intuition. And that, my friends, is how DIY garden improvements give your home an upgrade!

Happy planting!

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