CVS Pharmacy Opens in Parker, CO – #DiscoverCVS

CVS Pharmacy had a grand opening of their very first stand alone pharmacy in Parker, CO and I attended the event. Welcome CVS to Colorado!

Growing up in New York City, CVS Pharmacy was a norm for me. While NYC has quite a few pharmacies, CVS was always my go-to. I loved their prices and their service. Last year CVS decided open pharmacies in 39 Target locations throughout Colorado, and I was thrilled. Finally I was able to feel more at home with a pharmacy that I knew and loved. However, CVS has decided to take it one step further and has now opened their very first stand alone pharmacy here in Parker, CO, with more on the way.  Two additional Denver-area locations will open this summer at the following locations:

  • 3770 N. Sheridan Blvd., Denver
  • 9936 W. Bowles Ave, Littleton

There are also plans to open a CVS Pharmacy location right here in Colorado Springs in 2018.

As you know I’ve written numerous articles about CVS Pharmacy but there is still so much that you may not know. For example, did you know that since 2014, CVS Pharmacy became the first and only retail pharmacy to remove tobacco from its shelves? For me that speaks a lot. While others were cashing in on the tobacco craze, CVS was caring about our health and wellness.

CVS Pharmacy truly does care about their customers. Besides getting rid of tobacco products from their shelves, they also offer Better-For-You, or healthier snack options at the front of the store. I couldn’t be happier. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to check out and found snacks that I shouldn’t really be eating just waiting for me there. Their better-for-you food options are what you might expect to find at a specialty store, with gluten-free, allergen-free and even products featuring super food ingredients. They’ve also announced the removal of trans fat for all their store branded products!

If that news wasn’t good enough, they’ve also removed all sun care products with an SPF lower than 15 from their shelves and have plans to remove all products with parabens, phthalates and formaldehyde from within their CVS Health, Beauty 360, Essence of Beauty, Promise Organic and Blade brands, by the year 2019.

CVS Pharmacy is committed to enhancing the customer shopping experience in the OTC aisles by focusing on important areas of our customers’  lives, like active nutrition, immunity, pain management and sleep, offering holistic solutions and easy navigation through educational signs and displays. The company also features a broader selection of vitamins and supplements, including offerings from specialty brands typically found in specialty stores. To ensure the quality of its product offerings, CVS Pharmacy is embarking on the development of new standards for vitamins and supplements, with the goal of full implementation by 2019. The standards will require third-party testing of ingredient listings for vitamins and supplements, as well as product testing for certain ingredients of concern.

There are also so many benefits to shopping at CVS Pharmacy. I have mentioned their ExtraCare Rewards program which is the longest running retail rewards program in the drugstore industry. With the ExtraCare card, you get special offers and coupons, easy paper-free options to use your rewards and discounts and even to get your receipts. You also get 2% back in ExtraBucks Rewards every time you use your card, and you can also opt-in to earn Beauty ExtraBucks Rewards. For every $50 you spend in beauty, you can earn $5. With the Pharmacy & Health Rewards, you can earn up to $50 yearly by simply filling your prescription at CVS Pharmacy. There is also the CVS Pharmacy App which notifies patients when their prescriptions are ready for pick-up. They can also order refills digitally by importing their medication history or by using the “Scan to Refill” feature. At each CVS Pharmacy location, local pharmacists are available to discuss medication dosage information and address any patient questions or concerns, truly putting the patients needs first.

The CVS Pharmacy team is here to offer the best in class pharmacy services, and a shopping experience that is truly dedicated to help its customers on the path to better health. They are committed to driving the health and wellbeing of their patients above everything else, and one of the reason that I will always be a loyal customer.

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