Useful Tips for Buying an Induction Stove

Useful Tips for Buying an Induction Stove

 When buying kitchen appliances and tools, choosing an ideal model can be a daunting task. The tool must adhere to safety measures, fall within your price range, and have all the necessary features. Among all appliances, buying an induction stove can be nerve-wracking as you must consider a lot of features before choosing a model. 

Here are some useful tips for buying the best induction stove. 

Useful Tips for Buying an Induction Stove


Induction stoves and cooktops come in a variety of designs. The two most commonly used designs are framed and edgeless. While framed induction stoves are easier to use, they can be extremely difficult to clean. This is because dirt and grime buildup is easier in crevices. Lifting the frames and cleaning them time and again can be a hassle. On the other hand, edgeless induction stoves are easier to clean as they do not contain any edges or crevices. However, you must be careful when using them as they can easily break or crack. Be careful when using heavy utensils and equipment around edgeless induction stoves. 


Modern induction stoves come with a lot of features, some of which have become a necessity. Look for features such as: –

  • Electrical consumption display: This display tells you the exact amount of power you are using. It also comes with a voltage display and is useful in places with voltage fluctuations. 
  • Timer: When you are running busy but still want to boil or heat your food, you can set the timer as per your preference. When the boiling or heating is done, the induction stove automatically turns off, thereby preventing accidents. Typically, digital timers on cooktops range from 1 minute to 170 minutes. This feature also helps save energy and reduces your bill amount. 
  • Safety sensors: If you leave your cookware for a longer time, the safety sensors on induction stoves will indicate danger. Meanwhile, the stove will automatically adjust the power output to avoid fire hazards and keep the utensils from getting damaged due to excessive heat. 
  • Auto switch off and pan detection: When the stove emits excessive heat, it will automatically turn off. Similarly, the auto function detects cookware and the stove automatically turns off when the utensil is removed. 
  • Preset cooking options: Cooking menus and styles like grilling, boiling, frying, and stirring are included in the preset style options. Just by selecting the style of cooking, you can save a lot of time and effort. 
  • Child lock: If you have children, the child lock feature on induction stoves can prevent accidents during cooking and cleaning. When this feature is enabled, the stove locks itself and prevents burning or spilling. During this period, the induction remains on and you can still cook at the same pace. 

Apart from these, look for features such as overflowing control, pause button, booster, and small item detection. When buying induction cooktops, compare reviews online to choose a model that suits your needs. Since finding all features in one induction is difficult, narrow down your options by prioritizing the features. While the design and features are important considerations, you must also check the prices when choosing an induction stove model. 

Useful Tips for Buying an Induction Stove


Since most induction stoves need a lot of energy to function, you must ensure that your kitchen layout provides optimum power output. Before you choose an induction model, check the power requirements to align it with your home’s output capacity. Check the total wattage and type of installation required by the induction. If the needs are higher than your home’s power output, consult an electrician to change the circuit. 


At times, you may end up buying an induction stove that is difficult to clean and maintain, thereby increasing your workload. As mentioned, edgeless cooktops are easier to clean than framed induction stoves. Make sure that the controls are touch-sensitive and the knobs are easy to clean too. Even though most spillages do not create a mess on the induction’s surface, certain food items should be kept away. 


If you already have cooking utensils at home, buy an induction stovetop that is compatible with your cookware. This will help you save a lot of money. The easiest way to detect the compatibility of your cookware is by placing a magnet on the bottom of the utensil. If the magnet attracts and sticks to the cookware, it will work on the induction. 

Useful Tips for Buying an Induction Stove

These tips will help you make an informed decision and pick an induction stove that is ideal for your kitchen. At times, buying an induction cooktop with all the necessary features may exceed your budget. In some cases, an induction stove that falls within your price range may not be compatible with the cookware you already possess. Therefore, it is important to consider all the points mentioned above.

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