How To Keep Your Designer Furniture Looking Good For A Long Time

The most essential component of home décor is the furniture; a house would not appear complete without good furniture. Furniture offers convenience and a means for homeowners to showcase their tastes. Despite its advantages, furniture has a drawback: it is highly expensive. Since it is so dang costly, we try our best to prevent damaging it and having to hire a carpenter or buy new furniture.

But did you know that you can extend the life of your furniture by giving it good care? Therefore, we have put together this concise list to aid you in doing exactly that. 

Keep It Clean

This one is rather simple to understand. You must clean your furniture if you want it to look good.

Maintain the look of the furniture by regularly dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning. Your furniture may start to seem dated and discolored as a result of tiny dust particles accumulating. Make sure to take care of stains as soon as you can and use natural products since they eliminate odors and clean furniture without using harsh chemicals. Of course, if you are not that into cleaning, you can always hire a maid cleaning service, pay them, and save time. Professional home cleaners will be there for you to perform a deep cleaning of the entire house. 

A separate cleaning technique may be required for each material and finish. We advise that you go by any cleaning guidelines provided to you to extend the lifespan of your furniture. It describes the various materials and the most effective techniques to clean them. Additionally, general dos and don’ts for cleaning your furniture are also enlisted there. 

Keep out of the Sun’s Direct Rays

We are all aware of how damaging the sun can be to furniture. Long-term sun exposure might harm the furnishings. What causes this to occur? The wooden surfaces and even the fabric of your sofas, chairs, and mattresses are susceptible to fading, discoloration, and damage from the sun’s UV rays, which pass about 70% through the plain glass in windows. Place your furnishings in areas of the room where the sun doesn’t shine to protect them. To lessen exposure to sunlight, you may also use shades and drapes.

Be Careful and Cautious while Moving It

If you ask around, you’ll discover that moving from one house or workplace to another is the main cause of furniture damage. This typically happens as a result of poor handling. Before relocating, careful planning and preparation are crucial, especially when transporting large pieces of furniture. Planning will help you avoid a lot of worry and expense.

In general, avoid dragging your furniture. Dragging puts stress on furniture legs and harms the floor. The preferable choice is to carefully lift the furniture.

Make Rules for Pets and Kids

Sometimes, it is necessary to be strict about how your sofas and chairs are handled when your kids or pets are around. Since some furniture pieces deteriorate with time and are prone to breaking, nobody should jump on them. Because pet claws can damage cushions and upholstery, you should prevent them from climbing up on your expensive furniture. Slipcovers are useful for safeguarding your upholstery as well. Slipcovers are a great purchase if you live in a busy home with kids, dogs, and other people and things. They will safeguard your furniture from stains and damage.

Buy a Furniture Cover

A furniture cover might save your life. In a manner that nothing else can, they can assist in protecting your furnishings.

Now, we wouldn’t say that everyone would require this. Especially not for people who plan to use their furniture every day. However, it can be quite useful for individuals who plan to leave their furniture unattended while traveling for an extended length of time. 

Furniture covers can offer protection from the sun and (more significantly) dust. The variety of effects the sun can have on your furniture is astounding.

Repair and Restore Your Furniture

Scratches and stains will inevitably appear at some point. Accidents do occur. And as your furniture ages, the odds only rise over time.

Please refrain from attempting home remedies to remove scratches or marks. Although we are aware that you believe they can be of assistance, it can have a terrible outcome and cost you.

Go to a specialist, especially if you have spent time and money choosing furniture that meets your needs. Make sure your furniture receives the essential maintenance it needs. Restoring your furniture to its original state requires skilled assistance.

In Conclusion

Considering everything, furniture is a crucial component of your home’s interior design and, for most of us, a one-time purchase owing to the prices involved. Without quality, spotless, and appealing furnishings, the home appears unfinished and uninteresting.

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