Sitting Isn’t Tiring When Done Right: Here’s How

 Posture is critical for your body and your long term health. There are many facets and factors in your daily life that can make it difficult or even tiring to keep that posture upright and proper. However, if you do not prioritize rethinking about how you sit, as well as how you function throughout your day when it comes to your back and overall posture, you may be causing long term damage to your body. To ensure that you are sitting properly, here are some things that you need to consider.

Sitting Isn't Tiring When Done Right: Here's How


Having good posture ensures that your bones and your spine stay aligned. This is significant as you age, as your bones are susceptible to shifting and altering positions. If you do not take care of your posture and prioritize it, you will have problems in the future in terms of your body and your health that you will have to deal with. Other negative health effects resulting from poor posture would include muscle expending more energy having to move and work in unusual positions, which result in muscle aches and back pains, Having good posture also ensures that joints and bones fit properly, reducing the likelihood of them grinding and deteriorating, which again will have detrimental effects in the long term.


There is a natural curvature to the way your back is positioned and shaped. Regardless of what you are doing, in order to maintain good posture, you want to minimize being stagnant in uncomfortable positions that would force your body and spine to stay in for too long. This is especially important for when you are sitting down, as a lot of activities and work are relatively inactive and contribute to ill effects of poor posture. There are different ways to address this, especially when sitting for long periods of time.


The way that you sit will greatly impact your posture. Depending on the sort of chair you use, this can be easier or more difficult for each person. One way to address your posture issues, especially if you work from home or in an office and have to dedicate long periods of time sitting at a computer or desk to work, is to ensure that you have the correct furniture. Many office chairs are designed with ergonomics in mind. This will greatly reduce your strain and promote good posture. 

Sitting Isn't Tiring When Done Right: Here's How


Your chair isn’t the only piece of furniture that will affect your posture, but think about the pillows and cushions you use as well. Having the right accessories will not only make your posture better, but also can keep you more comfortable for longer periods of inactivity, regardless of whether you are lying down relaxing or reading, or sitting upright doing work at a desk. There are sit up pillows that are designed to put your body in a natural position that caters to the bends and curves of a healthy spine and body, while other cushions for your neck, back, or buttocks can all contribute equally to comfort and positioning. It is important that you look into these extra options if you are seeking ways to improve your overall posture and maintain comfort for long periods of inactivity.


The biggest cause of poor posture is not the actual act of sitting itself, but the long periods of inactivity. Oftentimes, you are sitting for hours on end, doing work at a desk for your job or school, or even just relaxing, watching a movie, or playing games. Sitting should of course be relaxing, but not ignore important aspects of your health. Many chairs offer good support, but even with the most ergonomically designed chairs, you have to remember to move periodically. If you do not remember to get up, stretch your muscles, and of course get in some exercise from time to time, you are going to cause problems for your muscles, bones, and your body overall. 

Sitting Isn't Tiring When Done Right: Here's How

While you are sitting, you should always prioritize your comfort while keeping the idea of health and posture in mind as well. However, when you do sit, it is typically done with extended periods and you aren’t always thinking about how you are positioned and what effect it has on your spine. But you definitely notice when you start having back pains, muscle issues, and other sores to different parts of your body. You don’t want it to reach that point, so be sure to practice habits that will promote a good posture and keep you comfortable and pain-free.

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