Bottle Cap Magnets Tutorial – Craft

We want to incorporate a few other things besides our recipes and our reviews. While we love doing our reviews and sharing our recipes with you, we realize that we don’t do much besides that. So today I want to share with you a crafty idea. One that you will enjoy doing with your own little one.



Bottle caps

Acrylic paint (white, green, blue, red)


Hot glue gun

Neon colored glue sticks



1. Paint bottle cap white. Let dry.

2. Create polk-a-dots in a variety of colors and sizes using
the end of the paintbrush. Let dry completely.

3.  Turn bottle cap
over and fill inside with hot glue.

4. While glue is still warm, add magnet. Let glue cool
before using.

5. Repeat.

What kind of crafts do you enjoy doing with your own kids? 

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