23 Things I’m Doing in 2023

Today, I’m sharing 23 things I plan on doing in 2023!

I promised myself that I would no longer make resolutions when the new year began, but instead I would make promises that I would try to keep.

2023 started off with a bang. I watched the fireworks at the South Bank in London and drank champagne with the family, and I woke up not only hungover but in a really good mood. There is something about champagne and cassis that goes hand in hand. Move over mimosas, kir royale is the new best thing.

As I sit back and reflect on my life over the past two years, so much has happened, and yet not a lot has happened. It sounds confusing, doesn’t it?

In 2020, I found out that my husband of 15 years was having an affair; in 2021, I filed for divorce; and in 2022, I moved halfway across the world so Madison could experience what it’s like to not only live, but go to school in a country that raised me. Throughout that time, I went to therapy to not only deal with the loss of the life I knew, but to work on myself, to gain a better perspective of why it all happened, and to give myself closure.

I’m now in 2023, still single, and enjoying life! So what do I want to do in 2023? Here are 23 things.

1. Travel More

Traveling has always been the thing that has most brought me joy, and I intend to continue doing the things that make me happy. I actually have my first trip, given to me as a Christmas gift from my kids, that I’ll be embarking on in just a few days.

2. Tell Myself I’m Worth It

My self-esteem took a nosedive after I found out my ex was cheating. There’s nothing worse than being cheated on. You begin to doubt your own worth and wonder if the other person was better; why didn’t they love you; what could you have done differently? Trust me, there’s nothing you could have done differently. You didn’t force that person to cheat. Cheating is a choice! I’m going to look in the mirror and tell myself every day in 2023, “I’m worth it.”

3. Find a Hobby

I haven’t had a hobby since I was a child, but now seems like the perfect time to start something. I’ve been thinking of starting yoga classes at home.

4. Read More Books

I used to be an avid reader when I was younger, and looking back, books were what kept me sane during some tough times growing up. Now would be the perfect opportunity for me to get lost in another world again with the help of some great authors! Shoot me some suggestions via email or on Instagram.

5. Volunteer My Time Somewhere

I have always wanted to volunteer somewhere, especially in my local community. But in the past few years, I haven’t had enough time to do so. 2023 is my year to finally get involved with something and make a difference!

6. Take Up A Language

I’ve always thought about learning a new language, and while I didn’t master French in college, thanks to Madison, I’ve started learning German this year with the help of Duolingo (it’s 100% free). It’s such an incredible way to learn more about another culture and connect with new people.

7. Spend Time With My Family & Friends

So often, we forget how important it is to spend quality time with our family and friends. As much as I’ve been busy in the past two years, I’ve never made time for those closest to me, which has left me feeling disconnected from them. This year, I’m going to make sure that I don’t take them for granted.

8. Embrace New Opportunities

I am working on a few new business ideas this year and want to try my hand at some new things. Whether it is starting a podcast or writing an eBook, I want to explore every available opportunity and see how far I can go with each one.

9. Appreciate The Little Things In Life

I’ve been so focused on the big picture recently that I often forget about the small moments in life that truly bring me joy; like watching a sunset or walking in nature. Spending more time appreciating the little things will be something special for me this year.

10. Take A Road Trip

I haven’t been on a road trip in years! I would love to pick a place, like the beach or the mountains, and just drive there for an extended weekend of exploring and adventure.

11. Make Time For Self Care

This has always been a struggle for me, but this year I’m going to make time for self-care activities like yoga, meditating, journaling, and other things that can help me reduce stress and feel more balanced.

12. Be More Open To New Experiences

So many times in life, we get stuck in our comfort zones and don’t want to try new things out of fear of failure or rejection. I’m going to challenge myself this year to be more open and take some risks.

13. Unplug More

Technology has a way of consuming so much of our time and energy, so this year I’m making it a priority to unplug on certain days or for certain periods of time. This will give me the space I need to focus on other things that really bring me joy like reading, exercising, or talking with friends.

14. Spend Time Alone

It can be hard sometimes when you feel like you have no one in your life that you can relate to or talk to about your problems. But spending quality time with yourself is very important too! Whether it’s taking sips of coffee alone at a cafe or going for long walks by myself, I’m going to make sure that I take some time to just be with me.

15. Explore My Creative Side

I used to love getting creative when I was younger, but as an adult, it’s easy to forget about those passions and hobbies. This year, I plan on exploring my creative side again by taking up painting classes or learning something new like calligraphy.

16. Write A Letter To My Future Self

It can be so nice to look back at a particular moment in your life and acknowledge all the progress you have made since then. Writing a letter to my future self would be a great way to document everything that has happened in 2023 and to remember all the joys it has brought me.

► 17. Conquer A Fear

We all have some sort of fear that holds us back from doing something we truly want to do. For me, it’s public speaking! I’ve been asked to be on TV news segments and speak at events, and I’ve always turned down the opportunities. I plan on facing this fear head-on by joining a local Toastmasters group or looking into other programs that can help me with this goal.

18. Live In The Moment

We often get so caught up in the future and all its possibilities that we forget to live in the here and now. Taking time every day to practice mindfulness and being more present is something I’m going to make a priority this year. That way, I can truly appreciate all the joys life has to offer.

19. Reconnect With My Inner Child

We can get so caught up in our daily routines that we forget to take time for the things that made us happy as kids. This year, I’m going to reconnect with my inner child by picking up an old hobby like rollerblading or playing a musical instrument.

20. Spend Time In Nature

Nature has a way of rejuvenating your spirit and allowing you to connect with something much bigger than yourself. This year, I’m going to make it a point to get outside and spend time in nature every day – even if it’s just for a few minutes.

21. Celebrate The Small Victories

It can be easy sometimes to overlook our accomplishments because we are always looking towards the next goal or challenge. This year, I’m going to celebrate the small victories and allow myself to truly bask in the joy of achieving something great.

22. Make A Bucket List

Making a bucket list is a great way to make sure that you are living life to the fullest and doing all the things that bring you joy. I’m currently working on my own this year (50 things to do before age 50) and crossing off every item as I go along!

23. Connect With Others

Sometimes, it can be hard to find people who we connect with on a deeper level – but this year, I’m determined to reach out and make new friends or reconnect with old ones. Having meaningful relationships in your life is so important for happiness and personal growth!

In Conclusion

All these activities have one thing in common – they will bring me joy! And that is what this year is all about – finding moments of happiness and making sure that I’m celebrating life more often. Here’s to an amazing 2023!

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