How to find Joy in Everyday Life

Ah, joy, that lovely feeling as if everything is going right and you are simply elated with this glow of happiness.

Joy is not something that comes naturally to every person. We each have experienced our own trials and tribulations that have guided us towards a more guided lifestyle. While it is understandable to be guarded due to past experiences, there’s no reason why you can’t start learning how to find joy in everyday life.

Focus on The Immediate Moment:  If you are ready to start feeling this high of happiness within then start looking at the immediate moment you are in. Right now, have a look around you. What are some things in life that are simply going right for you? Every single person can find at least one thing that is going right in their life at this very moment. Take that moment in, focus on what is going right and soon you will start to feel a smile creep upon your face.

Practice Gratitude:  What you put out into the world for energy comes back to you regardless of what that energy is. Think positive thoughts, you get positive. Think grateful thoughts, you get gratitude. Practicing gratitude each day will allow you to take the focus on something going right in your life today, while extending the thought beyond that into words will express your gratitude for that moment.

Think About Childhood: oh yes, childhood! Those carefree days each of us once had. When you think about your childhood days you are sure to start finding joy. Just the mere thought of those carefree days with family and friends back in the day should bring a huge smile to your face and give you that happiness high we mentioned.

Start Exercising: it has been proven that daily exercise naturally increases your happy hormones, which in turn allow you to find more joy in your everyday life. Start making exercise a daily priority so that you keep those happy hormones running on high and not a thing in this world will bring you down out of that joyful mentality.

Go Play with the Kids: if you are a parent who has younger kids then go outside and play with those kids. When you are struggling to find joy in your everyday life as an adult, then let go and focus on kids for a bit. Kids have a natural way of bringing adults joy just by being who they are. Go take the time to play with the kids so you can feel joyful in this wonderful moment of family bonding time.

Whatever you decide to do as a means to find more joy in everyday life, just do it! Life is far too short to give up on your own joyful moments. All of life’s problems can wait, your joy cannot.

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