Junior High & High School First Day Outfits ~ #GearUpWithSears

Back to school shopping is in full swing. We share a few ideas on what your junior high and high schooler will be wearing on that first day, courtesy of Sears.

I remember when I was growing up, back to school shopping meant the world to me. It meant that I got an entire new wardrobe. It is now no different for my own kids. My boys Mikael (12), and Kyle (16) are in Junior High and High School respectively, and while they’d prefer to stay at home playing their Xbox One while I shopped, I know their taste and have no problem shopping for their first day of school threads. I’m not as young as I used to be, so I wanted to brush up on what’s in style and what the kids were wearing. I took a look at Sears Back to School Catalog to get a few back to school outfit inspiration, then took a trip to my nearest store. I was able to pick up both of their outfits and get some Shop Your Way points added to my account at the same time. Call that a win-win situation for me. So now that my kids are all set for their first day, I want to also share our Junior High and High School First Day Outfits.

Even though my junior high and high schooler are boys, I decided to add a few items that girls might be interested in, as well.  Sears had everything! From activewear to denim to footwear, backpacks and more, Sears had everything I needed to make sure the boys kicked the school year off in style. So what did we get and what do I suggest?

Shirts and Tees

Button down shirts are perfect for layering. You can wear your shirt all buttoned up or opened up with a tee on the inside. Kyle likes this look, but prefers to have his all buttoned up. While tees are great for back to school, be sure that they are appropriate. Be sure to read the words. If you would think twice before wearing, then it might not be appropriate for school. Be sure to check with your school’s dress code.

Skirts and Dresses

Think outside the box. While you don’t generally see lots of dresses at school, they can be worn on that very first day and throughout. Even during winter with tights. Keep the length moderate and according to the school’s guidelines. Most schools require that skirts are at least knee length.


If the jeans fit; buy them! And I was surprised at all the brands that Sears had on sale, including Levi’s, Roebuck & Co., Lee, R1893, Bongo and Toughskins. I knew my boys loved their Levi’s and bought them each a pair. However, denim isn’t just for jeans – go outside the box with denim dresses, skirts and more from Sears.


Step up your game and beat the buzzer with eye-catching athletic shoes. Be sure to have your kids feet measured since they might have grown from the last school year. Buy shoes that are comfortable since your child will be wearing them all day. Whether you’re looking for flashy high tops or comfortable sneakers, new shoes can help your kids put their best foot forward. Sears is there to help you gear up with all kids’ shoes on sale starting at $9.99.


Backpacks are a necessary accessory as your kids will need them to store their back to school supplies. So how do you choose the right backpack for your kids? Choose a backpack with adjustable shoulder straps and padding. Also choose one with two straps instead of one so that the weight is distributed evenly. You want them to be comfortable, however you want them to be stylish as well. Sears has a great selection of backpacks, from brands you already know and love.

Sears provides shopping convenience and you can shop wherever, whenever and however you choose by offering a seamless connection between the in-store, mobile and online shopping experience. They are also a part of Shop Your Way, a free social shopping destination and rewards program offering millions of products, personalized services, and advice. The Shop Your Way program rewards members for buying the products and services they want every day. With the new school year comes new looks… get an extra 20% off when you spend $50 or more thru 8/12 to gear up on all the back to school necessities to make this year amazing!

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