5 Tips to Keep Social Media from Ruling your Life

Is social media ruling your life?

You head out to dinner with your family and friends, seated down to a beautiful booth table with menu in hand, you look around. You notice that a majority of the guests at this restaurant are heavily focused. The guests are not focused on each other, you rarely see a family seated at the booths talking to each other and laughing over great conversation. What the guests are focused on is their smartphones. Technology seems to have taken over our way of life. No more do families sit down to a meal at a restaurant and enjoy great conversations. The old tradition of reconnecting over a meal has been lost upon most of society. As you watch these families indulge in technology, barely taking note of their family members at the table, a little piece of you feels frustrated.

It’s not uncommon to feel annoyed with people who do this, but perhaps you are guilty of a similar experience? Do you find that social media is ruling your life behind closed doors? Maybe you have found that you are one of those families that seated at a restaurant booth with your heads in the smartphones. Whatever your reason is for reading this article, please know that you can keep social media from ruling your life and I am going to tell you how.

Make Rules about Social Media

Rules don’t only exist to keep children in line, sometimes adult’s need some guidelines set forth so they don’t fall victim to social media addiction. Set some rules for yourself, such as when you will peek at social media and when you will put that smartphone down to be present in the life of your loved ones. Set clear rules for all family members so that social media is less tempting. These rules can be daily or situational, meaning you can be that family that has a rule of no smartphones at the dinner table regardless of whether you are home or dining out.

Be Mindful of Family and Surroundings

Your family may not speak up to you when they feel social media has become an addition. You will find most family members, especially children, will often have a heavy sigh or make facial expressions to display their feelings regarding your social media addiction. Be mindful of how your family feels about your addition to social media and try to keep an open mind when they express their concerns. Always remain mindful of your surroundings as a means to be emotionally present versus merely physically present.  When you practice mindfulness regarding your use appropriate use of social media, life changes for the better and your family becomes happier.

Become More Self-Aware

Last, but certainly not least, be more self-aware. Get to know the person you are and why you reach for social media so often during the day. Are you searching for ways to feel connected? Do you suffer from the fear of missing out? What is it about social media that gets you to ignore those in your life so that you can get your “fix”? Start to watch your own habits, notice when you reach for that smartphone what’s going on in life at that moment. Start changing the habit of going on social media when you feel this way and learn to interact with your family and friend instead. Having interpersonal relationships are far more valuable than what you will miss when limiting interaction on social media.

Have you dealt with a similar situation? What are some tips you can share to help others ensure that social media doesn’t rule their life?

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