Social Media Guidelines to Keep Your Kids Safe

Are your kids on social media? Social media is a popular means for kids and adults alike to communicate and connect. Because of the popularity of social media, your kids could be at risk. As a parent, you can use these social media guidelines to help keep your kids safe on the Internet.

Set Time Restrictions

The more time your kids spend on social media, the more likely it will be that they’re exposed to things you want them to stay away from. This could include anything, from predators to bullying behavior by classmates. In order to keep your kids safe on social media, be sure to set time restrictions so that your kids are on the computer for a minimal amount of time. This will help keep them safe and protected from unnecessary risk.

Know Their Passwords

If you don’t monitor your children’s social media use, then they will be more likely to participate in unsafe social media behavior. As a requirement for having their own social media accounts, make sure that you know your children’s passwords. Use this information to check their social media on a regular basis. This will allow you to monitor their online behavior and will give you time for early interference if you view any unsafe behaviors.

Educate Them

Your children cannot stay safe on social media if they don’t know which red flags to look for. In order to keep your kids safe online, be sure to educate them on the dangers of social media and the Internet. You’ll want your kids to understand how social media can be used by predators and others for nefarious purposes. This knowledge can be used by your kids to help keep them safe online.

Change Privacy Settings

Will the pictures your kids post on Facebook be viewable by the public? Make sure you know the answer to this when it comes to your children’s social media accounts. Before allowing your kids access to their social media accounts, log on and ensure that you’ve enabled the strictest privacy settings allowed. This will help ensure that strangers are not allowed to access your child’s information.

Social media has quickly become a cultural phenomenon that is integrated in your children’s lives. In order to keep your kids safe on their social media accounts, you’ll need to have guidelines in place.

What tips do you have for children on social media?

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