How to Regulate Screen Time for Kids

There are many parents in the world today who are looking for ways to regulate screen time for kids. With the fast paced, technologically driven world we live in, it’s no wonder more and more kids see that computer or television screen and just want to sit there for hours on end. When you raise a kid who wants nothing but screen time, they miss out on other areas of life, such as getting outdoors and playing with their friends! Today I am going to share a few tips on how you can regulate screen time for kids as a means to bring childhood back into your life. You know, that childhood you grew up having.

Be The Example

Parents are always saying this from day one of parenthood, you need to be the example. If you desire to have your kids with limited screen time, then you must set forth the example yourself.  Try to limit your own screen time and maximize your outdoor time as a means to inspire your kids to want to do those activities outside with you.

Setup a Reward System

Have your kid earn screen time by completing chores that each has a designated amount of time per chore. You may also create a reward system based on acts of kindness. Encourage your kid to complete random acts of kindness each day. These can be for strangers or family members. Use these acts as you would chores, each are allotted a specific amount of screen time.

Be Aware of Behavioral Changes

Screen time can really wreak havoc on a kid’s behavior. YouTube videos can create a computer addicted monster of a kid. Start paying attention to the signs that your kid has had enough time or is overtired that day and limit screen time completely from their day if their behavior doesn’t warrant having that privilege.

Place Value on Family Time

If you start doing things together as a family, then your kids won’t yearn to distract themselves with screen time. Start having a weekly family night where you all play board games, make pizza and just mingle together so your kids can see there is a lot more to life than screen time. This will encourage your child to limit screen time on their own terms.

Establish Passwords on All Electronics

Nearly every device these days come with a way for parents to place passwords on the device. Establish passwords on all electronics and make sure to have your kids earn access to the password each day. This will teach kids being responsible brings rewards, and having passwords is a great way to alleviate the fight of them turning the screen on without permission.

Remember You Are the Parent

If all else fails, you need to just remember that you are the parent to your own kids. This is your household and while these kids are minors in your care, the rules are the rules. Enforce the regulation of screen time on a consistent basis, sure the first week or two may be difficult, but soon your kids will learn to respect you and the rules.

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