How to Help Kids Cope with Holiday Stress

The holidays are full of exciting adventures, new toys, visits from relatives and late nights. All the new experiences and outside stimulation can also be the causes of stress for adults as well as children. It’s easy to get so caught up in all the festivities that you wake up one morning and realize that your kids are stressed, irritable and fatigued. Here are three tips to help kids cope with holiday stress.

Maintain a Normal Sleep Schedule

With all the extra parties, entertaining, Christmas programs and recitals, it’s easy to disrupt the normal sleep schedule. If your kids are young and still take daily naps, make it a point to maintain those routines. If you know your kids don’t function well if they stay up late on school nights, then do whatever you have to do to make sure they are in bed at their regular time. No child will be able to enjoy the holidays if they are not getting their proper amount of sleep.

Don’t Overdo the Sweets

Holidays often mean the opportunity to indulge in some amazing sweets and desserts. But most Moms know that too many desserts will definitely spoil their appetite. If the kids are filling up on sweets, then they probably won’t be hungry when it times for regular meals. Too many sweets will start to hurt their bellies and too little normal, healthy food will affect their energy level. Be the mean Mom if necessary and help them regulate how much sweets and desserts they eat.

Resist the Urge to Do It All

Between Elf on the Shelf, pictures with Santa, holiday baking, gifts for teachers, church and school programs and Christmas caroling, it’s easy to be inundated with events and pressure to do it all. It’s OK if you don’t give handmade cookies to all your child’s teachers or have your Elf on the Shelf do elaborate hoaxes every night. It’s ok to miss out on some of the holiday traditions that others are involved in. Do what works for you and your family, then forget the rest.

During the holiday season, focus on what is important and relax.

Enjoy time with the kids and show them how to stay stress free over the next few weeks!

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