American Girl Bitty Baby for Baby’s First Christmas

I have a massive obsession with dolls. A very HUGE obsession and I own quite a lot of them. There are so many advantages or benefits of playing with dolls. I can tell you that I learned my body parts from a doll that I received last year. I also learned how to take on and off clothing by using a doll as well. My coordination skills are excellent thanks to role-playing with dolls. I’ve had tea with my dolls, taken my dolls for walks and even given a few of my dolls baths. As a matter of fact, I will tell you that your little one is never too young to play with dolls. They are even great for boys also. They just call them by a different name (action figures). I remember distinctly when I received my very first doll. It was Christmas, and I received a Bitty Baby from American Girl for my very first Christmas. At the time I wasn’t too interested, but I can tell you that changed very quickly. My “beebee” as I called her became my very best friend and has a special place in my bed. Recently mommy and I were afforded the chance to work with American Girl, and I was sent another Bitty Baby. She will not replace my first “beebee” but I can guarantee that she will be loved just as much. I recently had a lot of fun shopping at the American Girl store, and I want to share my experience with you.

My Very First Christmas (age 11 months) with my Bitty Baby

If you have never been to an American Girl store before, then you are definitely missing out. My store is about 45 minutes away, but mommy loves going there because it’s located in a huge mall and mommy just loves to shop. Shopping is what mommy does best! Now mommy says that my store is not as big as the one she used to go to in NYC but it’s just as beautiful. The store is designed with kids in mind. From the beautiful displays to the customer service, it just screams “come inside and play”.

American Girl has one of the best customer services you can ever ask for. Have you ever went into a store and wondered where the help was when you needed it? Well, you won’t have to look for service because they ask what can they help you with before you can even ask. They are always so willing to go out of their way to help you.

I decided to take my old Bitty Baby along to my shopping trip. It has been a while since she’s been back where she came from. Mommy and I were going to get me matching PJ’s so that I could match my new Bitty Baby. Yes, American Girl sells more than just dolls. They sell clothing for your dolls and clothing for you too.

Let’s not talk about the displays. It’s as if they never want you to leave the store. I had a lot of fun having tea and crumpets with the dolls on display. Since the American Girl store is designed for kids, your little one is going to have a field day in there. The displays were made to be touched but mommy, of course, made me clean up after myself when I was done.

So I bet you want to learn more about the Bitty Baby. Well, it is 15 inches tall and perfect for your little one’s little hands to hug and give kisses. There are 11 dolls in all, and there is one to match your little one’s skin color, hair, and eyes. Their eyes open and close and they are made of huggable cloth body while their limbs and their head are made of smooth vinyl.

Each Bitty Baby comes complete with a white sleeper (and yes I got the matching one),  a soft cloth diaper, a hardcover Bitty Baby and Me picture book that tells your Bitty Baby’s story and a sparkly wishing star.

Now there are also Bitty Baby Twins. These have one significant difference. They come with hair that you can play with. They are the same 15 inches and also comes with complete outfits and a book. These are perfect for the twins in your life.

I had an excellent time shopping at American Girl and really didn’t want to leave the store. Have an exit plan because your little ones wouldn’t want to leave either. Mommy had to tempt me with buying candy so that I could leave. She said that we could go to the candy store and get some gummies. She did keep her promise.

If you’re looking for a doll for Baby’s First Christmas, then look no further than a Bitty Baby for the holidays. It’s a perfect size and well made. Complete with storybook and star and ready for gifting. I am in love with my new Bitty Baby, and I know your little one will too. The American Girl Bitty Baby gets my TWO TINY THUMBS UP!

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