5 Spring Break Trips to Take With Kids

When spring break rolls around, both you and your child are likely ready for a getaway. In most parts of the country, warm weather still hasn’t arrived, though many of us are craving sunshine. Before you hop a plane to Florida, consider all of the other families that will be doing the same during this peak season. So where can you go when you’ve only got a week to travel? Here are five spring break trips to take with kids.

1. Have a Crayola Experience.

If you’d rather make it a short getaway (but not short on fun), this adventure is for you. There are three destinations in the U.S. (located in Minnesota, Florida and Pennsylvania), so you can choose which is most convenient and cost-effective for your family’s budget. This colorful wonderland has over 25 attractions, meaning most guests spend 3 to 4 hours creating and playing! There’s something for kids of all ages, and best of all? Tickets are under $20 each! They also offer a military discount for military families.

2. Book a Disney cruise.

A better way to get the Disney experience is to go this route. Not only will your family get the magic (and high quality service) of Disney, but you’ll have plenty of opportunities for child-free time, thanks to great childcare onboard the ship. Avoid the crowds of the theme parks and enjoy resort-style amenities, possibly at a lower rate than splurging on a trip to Disney World or Land.

3. Visit Hershey’s Chocolate World.

What kid wouldn’t love to explore a chocolate factory? Watch the classic Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and then hop a plane to Pennsylvania! Aside from the tour and tastings, kids can make their own candy bars, watch a 4D movie and take a trolley ride.

4. Explore a National Park.

Channel your inner Clark Griswold and take a trip to one of the 58 National Parks our country has to offer! Check out the Giant Forest at Sequoia National Park, see breathtaking rock formations at Arches National Park, or go sledding over sand in White Sands, New Mexico! Feeling really adventurous? You can even get up close and personal with the volcanoes of Hawaii! With such a wide variety and with locations across the nation, you’ll have no shortage of options for family vacations for years to come.

5. Take an alternative spring break.

If your child is old enough, take him or her on a mission trip of sorts, to volunteer services to people and communities in need. Popularized by the United Way, these alternative spring breaks started as a way to use college students’ time wisely (instead of, say, partying on a beach in Cancun). Students have the opportunity to participate in service projects both domestically and abroad. You can use the same model to give back to a cause that’s important to your family. By purposely planning a “vacation” to help the less fortunate, you’ll not only set a great example for your child, but you’ll both return home with a renewed sense of gratitude.

What trip will you be taking with your kids this Spring Break? 

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