3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting a Dog

Dogs can be anyone’s best friend. They are adorable, loyal, and caring companions to have around. If you are thinking of getting a pet, the most resounding recommendation you will receive is to have a pet dog. So why choose a dog? Historically, dogs have been domesticated thousands of years before cats. It means that dogs can easily coexist with humans and adapt to the human living environment. Dogs are smart and can easily be trained, which makes them excellent choices for pets. 

Still not convinced? Read below for other compelling reasons why you should consider getting a dog as a pet.

Why You Should Get a Dog

Dogs Keep You Physically Active

Having a pet dog will change your potato couch lifestyle because you’ll have an adorable furry pal who will play with you and longingly look at you to take them for a walk outside. Folks at Uptown Puppies emphasize that dogs of any breed or size can be excellent health partners for their owners through regular interaction. People who actively took care of their dogs since they were puppies tend to develop positive physical fitness practices over the years. Just taking out your dog for a regular leisurely walk around the neighborhood can work up a good sweat and keep your blood circulation vigorous. 

Dogs are also amazingly smart and perceptive and will notice something is wrong with you when you. They will try to cheer you up and get you back into shape if they notice you staying on your sofa or bed for too long. A dog’s energy and playfulness can be contagious and will overcome your laziness and get to play with your furry pal. Dogs can help reduce your screen and gadget use when they lead you outside your homes to play with you. Adding to that benefit is getting yourself more fresh air outdoors, dogs love to hang around trees and bushes. You’ll be thanking your dog in the future for keeping hypertension, heart disease, and stroke at bay as you grow older.

Dogs are Very Loyal and Protective

If you are a responsible owner to your dog and have taken good care of it since it was a puppy, your dog will remember all your goodness and will be fiercely loyal to you for all its life. Proof of loyalty in dogs is when they eagerly wait for your return from work or school. They would often stay near the window, door, or on the porch. You would always be greeted by their wagging tails, excited barks, and warm, playful hugs when you get home.   

Dogs are also known to protect their territories and will consider your home as part of their territory, making them useful deterrents against thieves, burglars, trespassers, and other strangers approaching your home. More importantly, dogs are very protective of their masters. You can’t blame them if they bark or growl at anyone showing signs of hostility towards you. It’s reassuring to know that they will be there to back you up and defend you when you need them.

Dogs Improve Your Emotional and Mental Health

Dogs do not just get you moving with their playful antics. Dogs have strong emotional connections with their owners and are highly empathic creatures. It’s as if they feel what you’re feeling and sense something is wrong with you emotionally. 

Dogs love their masters unconditionally and are very attentive and unbiased listeners. For people dealing with stress, anxiety, or depression, it is a huge help to have a dog to share your problems, anxiousness, and worries without fear of being judged, discriminated against, or stereotyped. Even if dogs can talk back to you, they seem to understand your feelings by listening to the rise and fall of your tone and your body language, to which they respond with whimpers, saddened expressions, or crying. It is no wonder why dogs are now taking on a more valuable role in society as emotional support or mental health therapy animals. 

Dogs will also provide you with much-needed distraction and relief from the negativity around you. You may have had a crappy day at school or work, went on a date that turned out horribly, or argued with your significant other. Your dog helps you stop sulking and can make you forget what made you sad by simply playing with and reminding you that they are there to love you.

Why You Should Get a Dog

There are many other reasons based on experience and scientific studies proving that dogs are worth having as pets. If observing dog owners does not inspire you to get a dog, then the experience of having a pooch can be your best option. It’s never too late to have a pet dog. Start getting a pet dog now and be amazed at the wonders your furry friend can bring into your life.

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