Motorcycle Upgrades That Might Interest You

Nowadays everyone can own a motorcycle, it’s cool, it’s hip but it can also be extremely impractical at times. That’s why a lot of people oot to either enhance their vehicle with added parts or customize it. Owning a bike is more than just riding it into the sunset, it’s a whole experience that takes some getting used to, but once you truly get into it, it will become a part of your lifestyle you can live without! So regardless if you are a beginner or a veteran motorcycle enthusiast, here are some upgrades that might interest you!

Motorcycle Upgrades

LED Lights

LED lights are all the rage nowadays, they’ve been used in car designs a lot, but have you seen a motorcycle with purple lights? This is an easy modification, you can just glue on some led lights, and call it a day! There are so many different colors and designs to choose from, depending on how flashy you want it to be and the initial design of your motorcycle. Almost everything looks amazing with black – add some neon blue lights to your black bike and it’ll look straight out of a sci-fi movie! It’s cheap and not as permanent, perfect for those who just want to try fun accessories and play around with their bike! 

A New Paint Job

If you want to totally transform your bike and give it a new look, painting it a different shade might just do the trick! There are so many popular vehicle colors to choose from, but you can always mix and match and create a personalized design. It all depends on what kind of model of motorcycle you own, but that doesn’t mean a neon color wouldn’t look good on an old-school chopper! It’s 2021. And there is no such thing as trends anymore, if you like a certain color or design – go for it! Why own a boring motorcycle when you can turn heads anywhere you ride? And a neon motorcycle will certainly leave everyone breathless!

Tank Pads

Regardless if you just got your bike, or recently changed the paint job, you still want to keep it in its best condition. But, if you are constantly taking long trips and riding your motorcycle for hours and hours on end each day it can be quite hard not to scratch or wear out the surface of it. Even just by sitting on it and leaning in, your clothes are making surface-level damages over time, from all the unintentional polishing. So adding a tank pad might help in keeping your paint job nice and fresh, especially if you are going on a long road trip! This is an inexpensive, easy way to protect your bike without doing much work and it blends in with your motorcycle by giving it a nice touch! 

A Windshield

Driving motorcycles is not an easy job, you want to be safe, adapt to the weather conditions, and enjoy your ride on top of that, but it’s certainly possible with the right tools! Most of the time, just by wearing a full head helmet it’s easier to fight the wind and possible insects that are coming your way but you can also consider a universal windshield for comfort if you already have a regular helmet. This kind of protection is pretty handy, you don’t want to get distracted by something that fell into your eye – wind can be pretty annoying at times! It all depends on what kind of motorcycle you have and what purpose it has, then you can easily customize the windshield to fit its needs! 

Frame Sliders and Engine Guards

Motorcycles are serious machines, but they are far more fragile and unstable than cars or any four-wheel vehicle. So it’s safe to say that bikes are more prone to damage in general, as they can simply tip over and fall on their side if you push them a bit harder. This cam obviously creates lots of problems, since all the important things are exposed, such as the engine and the frame itself, and if any of those elements get severely damaged, you can say goodbye to our bike! So if you want to do a smart upgrade to your motorcycle, adding an engine guard or a frame slider can help in keeping it safe and sound, even if it falls over!

Motorcycle Upgrades

Brake Pads

Obviously, getting regular checks and being extra careful before every ride is important, but sometimes you just want to add another safety precaution to the list! A common cause of motorcycle accidents is losing control, speeding, and being unable to fully stop your vehicle, so adding extra brake pads might be a smart move especially if you like to drive fast. Even if you are a safe driver, there is still a risk that your brakes might not work or that you might lose control, this is just a simple upgrade that can save your life! 

New Tires

Tires are one of the most important parts of a motorcycle – in some cases, it’s certainly the biggest. But there is more to tires than just functionality, you can always spice them up by getting interesting rims, they can be colorful and bold, or classy and dainty – it all depends on your personal preference! But tires are just one of those parts of a vehicle where you must think about functionality, practicality, and safety above all else! But then again, if you find a good balance between that and the aesthetic side of things – it’s a win-win! Also, upgrading your tires is a great idea as it’s not a permanent thing, you can switch them up whenever you’d like! 

Motorcycles are the epitome of freedom, so it’s safe to say that you also have all the freedom in the world to modify and personalize your ride however you want! This is a fun way to make your bike stand out, look a certain way that you want, and on top of that, it’s just a fun project, especially if you plan on doing multiple modifications and totally transform your motorcycle in the process! So you should definitely consider changing your bike – and remember to have fun with it! 

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