6 Things That You Must Do When You Visit India

Many people have dreamed about traveling the world and visiting every country as part of their bucket list. With breathtaking sceneries, ancient architecture, and exquisite cuisine, India has an attractive lure for many travel enthusiasts for many years with good reason. Whether you’re compelled by its spiritual world or captivated by its wonderful culture, every traveler setting foot in India should consider in their itinerary certain activities and landmarks that are truly iconic to the biggest democracy worldwide. In our following guide, we would like to share 6 things you must do when you visit India that will leave an everlasting impression on your heart.

Things You Must Do When You Visit India
  1. Visit a Buddhist or Hindi Temple

India is the birthplace of Buddhism, and as such, it’s filled with sites and temples holding great significance to the religion. The most sacred and significant pilgrim site for Buddhists is the Mahabodhi Temple, located in Bihar, which still has the ancient Bodhi tree where Lord Buddha reached enlightenment underneath it. You can also visit any beautiful Hindi temples featuring impressive structures meant for worshiping and paying respect to a specific god. The Brihadishwara Temple will take your breath away, being one of the tallest temples in the world and the first complete granite temple in history, which you’ll be able to visit in Thanjavur.

  1. Taste the Indian Cuisine

It would be a capital sin if you traveled to India and refused to try their food. Food lanes present eateries with iconic street dishes, some of which have been in the same spot for decades, with locals enjoying a bite inside the local or just standing next to the crowd. Spices are always present in Indian cuisine, and they add a new dimension of flavor and texture to their meals that you will always be blown away with each fresh meal and snack. Food allergies should be the only excuse to not dare taste the fantastic culinary experience.

  1. Shop around at a Market

There’s something magical about window shopping at any market in India, always filled with life and chaos, you won’t ever feel bored. You will find any good you can think of, from souvenirs, spices, jewelry to beautiful Indian clothing. If you ever feel hesitant about purchasing anything, clothing tailors from Nihal Fashions are always thrilled whenever foreigners show interest in their fashion in a respectful way. Feel free to look around and watch the people go by without spending a single penny for hours before deciding. 

Things You Must Do When You Visit India
  1. Enjoy the Night Life

Being in a foreign country is the perfect excuse to socialize and meet new people, and India is no exception to this universal rule. Bars and discotheques welcome foreigners with open arms, and the Indian nightlife even has developed their unique electronic music genre that will blow your mind away. Just like in any other country, you just have to take general safety precautions to have the greatest evening of your life. Ladies’ night is a frequent sight if you’re traveling with women, where complimentary drinks and karaoke are the tones for the evening. 

  1. Go to a Festival

Religion is an essential aspect of their culture, and festivals are one way to celebrate specific events, honor their gods and gather around as a community. If you’re planning to visit, make sure to set the date to embrace one of their many events to its fullest. Some of our suggestions include the Ganesh Festival, in honor of Lord Ganesha, the Hindu elephant-headed god, the Onam Festival, marking the homecoming of the King Mahabali, and even the Pushkar Camel Fair celebrated in the state of Rajasthan.

  1. Learn about their History and Art

India lives and breathes ancient history, and its culture is so diverse you would need to travel several times just to embrace a small portion of its rich past. Some of their oldest structures date back for millennia, and thanks to constant efforts for conservation, Indians and foreigners can embrace the beauty of the past until this day. You will find incredible pieces of art that tell the story of past royal families mixed with traces of their colonialism period, and you can visit free museums and attractions to explore to your heart’s content.

Things You Must Do When You Visit India

The country features such diverse scenery, and you will be constantly blown away by nature’s beauty no matter where you go. Every corner will have something interesting to discover, and whether you’re planning a long-term stay or have just a few days to travel around, India will always welcome you with open arms. Don’t be afraid of immersing yourself in a once-in-a-lifetime experience and return home with a little piece of India in your heart forever!

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