Hiking Spots in Hong Kong You Would Want to Go

Hiking Spots in Hong Kong

It is one of the most popular cities in China. It is closed by the South China Sea, which makes the city incredibly beautiful. For this reason, it is also a top-rated tourist destination. While many people visit Hong Kong as an attractive entertainment destination, it is also a place that offers scenic beauty. While there are entertainment venues like Disneyland and popular shopping malls, you can again go to Hong Kong to enjoy the natural beauty. If you are one of the people who want to enjoy the natural beauty, there are several places in Hong Kong where you can visit. Fortunately, traveling to this city in China is also very economical, so you can easily plan a long and relaxing vacation. 

Here are some spots you can go Hiking in Hong Kong

Hiking Spots in Hong Kong You Would Want to Go


It is one of the best hiking trails and best both for local and international tourists. It is easy to access the place from the city and has beautiful coastal scenery. This trail is best suited for novice hikers. Hiking takes around one to two hours. How do you get here? You can start your hiking trip from Shek OROad at Tai Wan Village then walk through Shek O peak. You can take the Island Line MTR to Shau Kei Wan Station. The Shek O peak is 284 M.it is a great attraction where you can catch your breath relaxing and admiring the stunning view of Shek O Peak .you can end your hike at Big Wave Beach. You must note that the route may take more than 2hrs, therefore, ensure you pack food and water before starting your hiking trip.


Lantau peak is located at Lamma Island. It is among the highest mountains with more than 934 meters in height. There are many hiking trails across the Lantau Peak. It is a great spot to catch sunrise or sunset after a tiring hike.climbing this peak takes about 2 hours and the best time to hike is the months of December and February because there are fewer clouds. During this peak, you can view the villages on the southern side and the airport in the north. Completing a hike in this steep peak can be challenging, but you will be overwhelmed and leave with a memorable experience.

Lantau Peak Hong Kong


It is 468 m high. It is very popular because of its sharpness and steepness and can be viewed from any point in Sai Kung. It has attracted many hikers who want to take a challenge because it has extensive winding paths and has special or unique contours. You can get to a sharp peak through these ways; East Ridge, North Ridge, and South Ridge. Among these three, hiking through North Ridge is very difficult, and the best and convenient way is South Ridge. It is also best for beginners.


Sunset peak is 869 m high with superb sunset views.IT is very difficult to climb, and it is a great place to have hiking adventures. The top scenery of this mountain is awe-inspiring and leaves you and your friends an unforgettable experience.


The most popular and amazing hiking spot in Hong Kong Lion Rock is undoubtedly the most difficult hike located at the green outdoors of Hong Kong territories. Hiking will be very tough as you dip in between sweat breaking trails with stone racks. It is a great place to take a breath as you watch monkeys jump around the trees along the trails. .This makes your hiking trip more stunning and fun. The simplest way to get here is to start at Gilwell Campsite. You can also take MTR at Tai Sin MTR station or Diamond HILL MTR station. In the top area of this hiking trail, you will find attractive sightseeings such as Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.

Lion Rock Hong Kong


Above Sha Tun is the Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery. A 400-step climb to the monastery leads to the Buddha of all descriptions. The name is appropriate considering wherever you look; it is Buddha. The Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery is one of the largest tourist attractions in this small country. This place is suitable for getting to know and get acquainted with the rich culture of the people of Hong Kong. It has a complex of five temples, four pavilions, a veranda, a pagoda, and, most importantly, a statue of 12,000 Buddhas. There are many monkeys in this place for those people who would like to see wildlife. 


This small island offers visitors a chance to explore different parts of Hong Kong. Cars are not allowed on the island, so if you plan a hike, you can walk in the peaceful landscape and swim in the ocean. Kwu Wan Juice is a popular picnic cove in China. Located on Lamma Island, it is a perfect place for tourists to relax and picnic in a beautiful setting. Tourists can relax and enjoy the beautiful sea view. There are also restaurants and tourist attractions that can be visited. The villages offer fresh seafood, which is delicious. Lamma Island is an area where many immigrants live. The beautiful island, despite its tourism, is untouched.

Lamma Island Hong Kong


It is one of the main attractions of Hong Kong; it is a place where a child can play. Known all over the world for its exhibits, you can stay busy driving all day; Watching animals, birds, and marine life, and studying various subjects. Balancing education and fun, Ocean Park is one of Hong Kong’s most prominent attractions for both young and old. There are modern vehicles in this area, which are visited by tourists in the mountains to see the monuments. There are also restaurants near the summit.


Tourists visiting Hong Kong are usually fascinated by both natural and human-made features. Victoria Peak is a popular destination for most tourists. It is the highest point in the country and, as such, offers a beautiful view of Victoria Harbor as well as the city skyline. Among the modern landmarks of this island are the bamboo-inspired blue glass building and the beautiful tower of the Bank of China. Spend a day or at least half a day in the ocean park. This is an ideal place to relax with the kids. Children can have fun while studying in the park. Attractions include a cable car, ocean theater, spectacular sea jelly, giant panda and red panda, atoll reef, and shark aquarium. The entrance fee is 208 Hong Kong dollars for adults. Tourists can travel by boat and ferry between the many beautiful islands of Hong Kong while having the opportunity to relax on the cozy sandy beaches. Below are some places worth visiting.

Victoria Peak Hong Kong


As you can see, Hong Kong has many beautiful places to go hiking. The beautiful scenery in Hong Kong is a place where the magic happens, and the many types of hiking trails are a good example of this.

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