Take Your Kids on a Tour of 7 Asian Countries from Home

I love traveling and remember when I was younger it was the one thing I looked forward to doing every summer with my mother. Now that I’m older and have kids of my own it’s something that I look forward to doing with my own kids as well. The first thing I did when my own kids were born was to get them passports. Yes, Madison got her very first passport at only a month old. On my bucket list is visiting every state that the US has, yes all 50, and there are a few international ones on there as well. So far we have visited a few of the Caribbean islands and Canada and have plans to visit a few more international countries including a few in Asia. So what happens when you don’t have the money to travel?

Have you ever wanted to visit seven countries in seven days? The good news is you can take your children on a tour of Asia at home in just one week. This tour will teach your children fun facts about seven Asian countries, give you an opportunity to learn more about each country together and provide a fun activity that ties to what you are learning about each nation.

So check out the fun itinerary below and travel to Asia this week.


Fun Fact: The first dinosaur egg ever discovered was found in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia.

Learning Moment: Search images online for pictures of dinosaur fossils from the Gobi Desert. Ask your kids how the landscape shown differs from the place you live in.

Fun Activity: Hide plastic eggs around your home and yard. If weather permits, bury some of the eggs, or hide them in a sandbox. Let your kids search for the “dinosaur” eggs.


Fun Fact: The Chinese invented paper and many things made out of paper including paper cups and paper napkins. The Chinese also invented the process of printing on paper.

Learning Moment: Do some research online together to learn about other inventions that can be traced to China. Talk with your children about how people invent new things to make life easier and better.

Fun Activity: Pull out various forms of paper, markers, and ink stamps. Let the imaginations of your children run wild as they practice calligraphy, stamp “printing”, and inventing new things with paper. You can even ask your child to sketch out on paper an idea they have for a new invention.


Fun Fact: Kite flying is a competitive sport in Thailand.

Learning Moment: Check out pictures online from kite flying competitions in Thailand. Ask each child to choose their favorite kite from those shown.

Fun Activity: Purchase kites or help your children make their own. Head to the local park and practice flying the kites. If the wind is cooperating and your children are doing well, ask them for suggestions to create fun contests that involve kite flying. Make sure any contest you begin is safe for everyone.


Fun Fact: October 1st is a holiday dedicated to children in Singapore. On this day, school is canceled and children are spoiled with gifts and treats from their parents.

Learning Moment: Search online together to learn how other countries celebrate holidays dedicated to children.

Fun Activity: If possible, hold your own children’s holiday. Allow all of your children to miss school on the same day and choose a simple gift and a fun treat for each child. Spend the day together as a family doing activities that celebrate childhood. When you tuck each child into bed, tell them three special things that you love about them.


Fun Fact: Vietnam is the largest exporter of cashew nuts.

Learning Moment: Do some research online together to learn more about how cashew nuts grow. You will most likely be surprised by what you learn about cashews.

Fun Activity: Make your favorite cookie, bar cookie, or brownie recipe together. Instead of using typical mix-ins like chocolate chips or raisins, try adding cashews and caramel bits instead. Allow your child to participate in the process as much as possible, based upon their skill level.


Fun Fact: Cambodian parents often choose a name for their child that is symbolic and rhymes with the name of another family member.

Learning Moment: If you have not done so already, research the meaning behind the name of each person in your immediate family.

Fun Activity: Give each member of your family a new name for the day. Place names of extended family members such as grandparents and aunts and uncles in a hat. Draw out a name for each family member and then work together to choose a name that rhymes with the name on the paper. When the name is selected, research online to find out what the chosen name means.


Fun Fact: Some Japanese coins have holes in the middle of them.

Learning Moment: Click here to read an article that explains why these coins have holes.

Fun Activity: Grab some Fruit Loops cereal and pull out all of the yellow rings. These rings will now be your Japanese coins. Teach your children that many countries use different forms of money. Then give your children opportunities to earn coins throughout the week. At the end of the week, let the children use their well-earned coins to purchase Japanese treats.

So tell me which country would you most be interested in visiting? 

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