The Ten Best Places to Travel With Kids

There are many places around the world where kids can have real fun, and as a parent, making that happen should be a lifelong goal. Once a kid-friendly location is chosen for your next vacation, then the sky is the limit for all the fun and enjoyment one can discover. Going to a vacation destination with lots to do will in the future create entertaining moments to look back on later as priceless memories.

Finding a destination that everyone enjoys will delight you. These places always have something for everyone. Finding a destination that caters to a variety of tastes and ages isn’t always easy. Whether you’re looking for adrenaline rush adventure, entertainment, or whatever your heart desires, these ten places have a little something for everyone.


You will fall in love with Costa Rica. It is an ideal family vacation destination with sloths, a variety of monkeys, countless assortment of colorful birds and exotic wildlife. You will find pristine beaches and the opportunity to swim under waterfalls. If lucky, you might even witness the laying of eggs by a mother turtle, probably one of the most unique and unforgettable experiences for one and all vacationers.

Other than the free beaches, one can enjoy the water sports, like kayaking, ride the gentle class I and II rapids over the rivers on a “Safari Float” with kids as young as six years. If you are not so fond of beaches, then you can enjoy the dense, lush jungles.


My hometown! New York City is quite a historical place, owning one amongst the Seven Wonders of the World, the Statue of Liberty. It symbolizes freedom and commemorates the day when millions of migrants came over from Ellis Island to obtain an improved life. Ground Zero is now well recognized with the names engraved in bronze plates of 9/11 victims. Barring those, one has the delights of Central Park, the Zoo and the wonder of walking with the kids at Times Square. So, don’t wait and grab an Original Scratch Map and start wandering around the city. This map would help guide you through one of the busiest cities in the world.


The journey can be long and strenuous, but so worth it to visit a place that you’ve always wanted to visit. Melbourne holds plenty in store to make an adult yearn to become a kid again, and for kids, it’s a paradise. Be prepared to be amazed and spellbound at the Melbourne zoo or zapped at the Science Work Museum. Get mesmerized by witnessing the penguins and their march or explore and discover why Melbourne is called the World’s Sporting Capital.


Most definitely one of our favorite European city, if you want your children to experience a truly large and a famous European city, then London is the destination for them. The fascinated visuals in movies and books like Harry Porter relate to ones in London. The chilling and macabre tales narrated at the tower of London will keep teens, and young adults enthralled. Built-in the early 1900s, Buckingham Palace, the household of actual real-life queen, Queen Elizabeth will always continue to attract the attention of tourists.  The changing of the guards every day at 11am, at the Iron Gate is also a  major attraction that should not be missed.


Ubud is a paradise for traditional sightseeing and adventurists. Not only are they famous for their electric bike rides to Tegalalang Rice Terrace, and the monkey forest, but they also cater various retreats especially designed for kids’ entertainment. The teenagers ought to fall in love with the hippie- culture and other rich traditions of Bali. The must-try for them will surely be the Balinese Herbal drink.


 ‘Maximus, Maximus, Maximus’….the Coliseum reverberating his name, still resonates in our ears.  The gladiators immortalized by this movie ‘Gladiator.’ The Blood baths and stories of deceit and betrayal are what attracts the young. While it doesn’t hurt to read about Roman history, seeing where it all began, the blood-soaked entertainment arena or the Coliseum and the gladiator schools is one that should be experienced up close. The political setup, roman forum, ancient temples or Pantheon, and many more will be exciting for everyone alike.


The capital city houses a host of adventurous hikes and scenic site seeing. Kids can have their dream come true through conducted tours to famous wildlife and marine life collections like the Butterfly World and Oceans Aquarium. They can also take a swim with African penguins at the boulders beach and penguin colony. The largest bird park in Africa is also in Cape Town. One can also plan a half-day trip for Table Mountain and Cape Town. Those looking for a real adrenalin rush can prepare for tandem parachute jumps or an eco-friendly shark cage dive.


The city of Dubai has sprawling skyscrapers and head-turning cars, but the city is not just about that, there is much more to it. There are several adventures which all would enjoy, from feeding huge turtles to witnessing shows at the musical fountains. Outside city limits, one gets to ride a camel, do sand skiing, go on a roller coaster ride on bumpy dunes through the desert. Check-in at hotels offering a package for family activities and visit the Middle East’s largest water park/ aquarium holding more than 65,000 living beings of various marine species.


Tokyo is a great destination that offers activities for the entire family.  Though there are several kid-friendly locations in Japan, in Tokyo, one will get a plethora of options. Akihabara is one such place, explored by young teenagers. Here the shops on the main street are either of video games, Japanese comics (Manga) shop or toy shops. One can find several interactive museums and parks to be discovered and enjoyed together. The experience of Tokyo Disney Resort is one which cannot be afforded to miss.


Reykjavik, on the coast of Iceland, is Iceland’s capital and largest city.  It is not a favorite destination for many but has the potential to cook up surprises for tourists of all ages. It is the adobe of Iceland’s Viking history. The concrete Hallgrimskirkja church and revolving Perlan glass dome have sweeping perspectives of the sea and nearby hill slopes. The societal attachment with the elves “Holudufok” is evident in the folklores. Whale watching is also a significant attraction there, apart from the Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis.

As discussed, these ten best places are not the only ones to go with kids. There are a lot more, and you will surely love them. So, lace up your adventure shoes, pack your backpacks, and start highlighting your travel chart with your loved ones!


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