The Best Wellness Trips to Take with Your Friends

The Best Wellness Trips to Take with Your Friends

Wellness trips are a unique travel opportunity that has special benefits that you may not find in other tours that you would go for the adventure. Wellness retreats with friends provide a chance to unwind after busy workdays. A retreat will give you the personal time and space you need to heal both physically and emotionally, plus it will also be enjoyable if you plan it with your close friends. Below are some of the places where you can nourish and re-energize your body.

The Best Wellness Trips to Take with Your Friends


Ever been curious to visit Iceland? Now is the time! Especially with their new safety rules regarding the coronavirus, you can relax in peace! The Blue Lagoon Retreat Hotel is the place to visit if you want to give your body and mind world-class rejuvenation in a serene environment. This award-winning facility in Iceland is unique due to its warm blue reservoir full of healing minerals. The hotel has 62 rooms, two restaurants, and a subterranean retreat spa. Activities include morning floating, treatments and massage, and guided aquatic floatation.


This hotel in the French Riviera is a luxury resort with amenities such as a private club, a private park, restaurants, and an infinity pool. The hotel’s Spa is Branded La Prairie, meaning it is an attraction for guests with interest in facials and other treatments that have anti-aging effects. Visitors here can also unwind in the fully equipped gym and the clay tennis court.


Situated in the Indi’s Himalayan foothills, this award-winning spa is a perfect getaway destination for anyone interested in a spiritual retreat in a remote location. The spa has an extensive area in the calm and beautiful Rishikesh Valley that is miles away from the urban noise. Here you will enjoy an all-inclusive wellness program with an addition of specialized programs like Stress Management and Ayurvedic Rejuvenation. You can also indulge in trying different styles of yoga, or adventure activities like white-water rafting and jungle safaris!

The Best Wellness Trips to Take with Your Friends


There is a lot that is special about this gorgeous retreat center, but its location makes it one of a kind. The property boasts of a beautiful flower garden, two pools, and a spa, plus you will also enjoy the scenic view of the lake and the surrounding green hills. The huge spa has several treatment rooms and a variety of fun spots like whirlpools, saunas, hot tubs. You can plan your daily schedule as wish during your stay here since everything optional.


This unique resort on Japan’s Ise Shima Peninsula boasts of a 22,000 –square-foot spa and a serene atmosphere. Visitors can participate in tailor-made wellness programs such as digestive health, anti-aging, stress relief, and professional treatments like acupuncture and Shiatsu Massages. Yoga and meditation classes are also available, but this time using traditional Japanese techniques.

The Best Wellness Trips to Take with Your Friends

If you are figuring out what to do after the coronavirus lockdown is over, you should consider unwinding for a fresh new start with a wellness trip! All the above destinations have what it takes to give you the individual body health and emotional health boost you need, especially after the emotional, mental, and physical challenges caused by the current situation. 

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