Almost Wordless Wednesday: Toddler Helmet Safety

It’s Wednesday once again. The days do surely go by pretty quickly when you’re doing nothing. What am I saying? I’m always doing nothing. Well, today is my….

A Wordless Wednesday has no text but only pictures but because I like to talk, well at least on the blog, I couldn’t possibly have a Wordless Wednesday so that’s why it’s an Almost Wordless Wednesday. 

Mommy and I want to take today to once again hand out a safety tip to all the parents visiting our site. Today we’re going to talk a little about helmet safety. 

Whenever you buy your toddler a new bike, trike, skates, or even a scooter, always remember to buy a safety helmet. Elbow and knee pads are optional, but a helmet isn’t. If you haven’t bought one as yet, we suggest getting right on it. Helmets provide the best kind of protection against head injuries. You don’t want anything to happen to our little brains, now do you?

So the next question is:

What kind of helmet should I choose?

May we suggest choosing a helmet that has the CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission) sticker on the inside which means that it is certified by the CPSC. One that fits your toddler’s shape and size of his/head and also one that your toddler likes.

What about the fit? 

If possible take your toddler with you when buying a helmet. Let them choose the one with the design they want. Give them choices. The helmet should fit squarely on top of their head and not tilted. If it is tilted it will not protect their head and will cause more harm than good. It should not be so loose that it slides down over their eyes or shifts from side to side. The chin strap should fit snugly but not too tight where it becomes a choking hazard. If your child or you can fit 2 fingers inside the helmet then it’s too big and you may want to size down or insert the fitted pads that come with your helmet.

We suggest also using the 2V1 Rule:

  • Make sure that there are 2 finger-widths above the eyebrows.
  • The straps should form a V under each ear. 
  • One finger should fit between the chin strap and your toddler’s chin.

So when should I replace the helmet?

You should replace your toddlers’ helmet when it becomes too small or if your child has had an accident with it. Just like car-seats, you don’t want to use a helmet that’s been involved in a crash, and most definitely if there’s been a recall. I suggest always send in your registration cards so you can be informed of all recalls. They should also be replaced at least every 2-3 years because just like with everything they do deteriorate over time. 

How about taking care of your toddler’s helmet?

Always follow the manufacturers’ instructions for taking care of the helmet. 

Do I suggest a particular helmet? I do not, but I currently use the Giro Me2 Toddler Bike Helmet and I love it, but you can get a helmet at almost any toy or bike store. Just follow the tips above, and remember, a helmet isn’t an accessory but a necessity! 

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