Simple Ways To Effectively Increase Testosterone In Your Body

It is perhaps common knowledge that testosterone is the primary sex hormone of males. Females, too, have small amounts of the same. The hormone is produced in the testicles of males and the ovaries of females. It is considered a steroid hormone. Another source of the hormone is the adrenal glands of human beings. Testosterone is behind the physical changes that occur in males during adolescence, including a deeper voice, increased muscle mass, and hair growth. However, don’t assume that the hormone is essential for adolescents only. You must have it in optimum levels well into adulthood and to old age. They serve to maintain your health, minimize the risk of diseases, influence body composition and affect almost all body functions, including sexual activities.

Simple Ways To Effectively Increase Testosterone In Your Body

Having a high testosterone level can help you quickly increase your muscle mass as well as vitality. Testosterone plays a significant part in maintaining female health and normal; sexual functions. So that’s quite a variety of reasons for wanting to increase your body levels of the hormone. Some simple yet effective ways to achieve the same are as follows:

  • Exercising Vigorously And Lifting Weights

As you might know, exercising is perfect for your body. It helps a wide variety of lifestyle-related diseases at bay. It is interesting to note that exercising also boosts body testosterone levels, as per an extensive review study revelation. The medical health professionals at Atlanta Men’s Clinic point out that older people also experience significant benefits from the hormone. Exercise increases fitness and reactions besides testosterone levels. In obese men, such physical activity is a better and more effective option than weight loss diets to achieve higher hormone levels. The best exercise that you can turn to for the same is doing resistance training, especially weight lifting, as it is effective in both the short and long terms. Another effective type of exercise you want to boost testosterone is HIIT or high-intensity interval training.

  • Have A Wholesome Diet With Plenty Of Fat, Carb, And Protein

Diet has a crucial role to play in the production of almost all body hormones, including testosterone. Accordingly, an excellent way to boost it would be to exercise strategic attention to the number and calories you consume. Both dieting too often or overeating can potentially affect your body’s testosterone levels. You need to ensure that your diet has adequate protein, which, besides boosting the testosterone levels, will also help you shed fat, which is associated with the hormone. Intake of carbs has a role to play, too, as research indicates that carbs help keep optimum hormone levels in the body during resistance training. Lastly, studies also point out that adequate quantities of healthy fats will also help maintain good health besides testosterone. Accordingly, you want to have a diet based primarily on whole foods. It would help your overall health besides boosting testosterone.

  • Ensure Low Stress And Body Cortisol Level

With ongoing research, the dangers posed by long-term stress are brought to people’s attention regularly. One such effect is how it increases the body’s cortisol levels. Now, an abnormal increase in cortisol levels will lead to a decrease in testosterone. Further, the combination of high cortisol and stress serves to increase food intake and weight besides accumulating harmful fats around your body organs, which negatively impacts your testosterone levels. Accordingly, you need to avoid and reduce stress for boosting testosterone as well as better health.

  • Take Vitamin D Supplements

Vitamin D’s popularity as a dietary supplement is gaining by the day due to the numerous health benefits it confers, which include boosting the body’s testosterone levels. But it is disappointing to note that nearly 50% of US residents suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency. Even more people have the vitamin in below optimum levels. As year-long research found out, having 3,000 IU of vitamin D3 daily increased testosterone levels by as much as 25%. The vitamin, along with Calcium, has similar effects on the elderly and reduces falling risks for people of this age group.

Take Vitamins
  • Take Vitamin And Mineral Supplements

The benefits of intaking multivitamins are subject to debate. It is without a doubt that intaking specific vitamin and mineral supplements do benefit your body. According to one study, males intaking Vitamin B and Zinc witnessed an enhanced sperm quality by as much as 74%. Further, zinc is especially beneficial in boosting testosterone levels in athletes and people suffering from a mineral deficiency. Other studies suggest that Vitamins A, C, and E have a similarly essential part in producing sex hormones and testosterone.

These are some simple yet effective methods for you to boost your body’s testosterone levels. It is the most important male sex hormone, and you need to have adequate amounts of the same for several reasons. As a person ages, the body levels of these hormones take a dip. But the methods mentioned here are sure to slow down the process significantly. Hope this helps!

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