Top 5 Car Detailing Tips for Summer


Summer is a busy season for most; a time to take vacations, long road trips, and participate in car sporting activities. Cars are often on the receiving end of summer merriment with extended hours on the road, scorching UV radiation, and dusty weather conditions. However, as a car owner, you can keep your car sparkling clean throughout the season. When it comes to summer car detailing, you don’t require a lot of water and soap to keep it clean and shiny.

Car Detailing Tips
  1. Start with the wheels

Most car owners leave the wheels untouched when cleaning their cars, but you should give them some attention as well. Wheels are difficult to clean, as they have complicated patterns and accumulate dirt on every loop, and this is perhaps the reason why most people avoid washing them.

Start by applying a wheel cleaner on every surface of the rim, then scrub the dirt off with a stiff brush before hosing it with plenty of water. You’ll have to ensure that you use a high-quality wheel cleaner when doing this. For the best results, consider seeking detailing services from experts.

  1. Polish the windows

Nothing keeps the summer dust off your windshields better than a quality car window cleaner, which turns glass into a hydrophobic and dust repellent surface. If you notice three or more cracks on your windshield, it’s time for a replacement. A car’s windscreen is your primary safety net when you are driving. It’s, therefore, crucial that you replace it as soon as you notice more than three cracks. Alternatively, you can consult an auto glass expert like Van Isle Glass as they are properly trained to advise when you need windshield repair or replacement. 

  1. Perfect the exterior

If you want a car that looks phenomenal and feels good to drive, you should pay extra attention when detailing the exterior, as it involves more than just the regular wash and rinse. Start by wetting the entire body of your car. A regular watering hose will do the trick. Afterward, wash with soapy water before rinsing with clean water. Make sure you grab the right detergent from your car repair store and avoid using household chemicals.

  1. Polish and wax the exterior

Polishing and waxing your car is as important as any other aspect of detailing. Car polish is a micro-abrasive that takes off the layer of stain that could not be washed off. On the other hand, waxing will seal off the polished layer preventing further accumulation of contaminants. Polishing and waxing are essential in summer when your car’s hood takes in most of the UV radiation.

  1. Smoothen the interiors

Start by cleaning off any spills, food particles, and mud from the interior. When all the necessary cleaning is done, you want to refurbish different areas of the vehicle, such as your seats. Leather cleaners are the best for car leather seats that are getting stiff and creased. The chemicals in the cleaners smoothen the leather giving it a brand new touch.

Additionally, small touches on the dashboard and the windshield might be all you need to reclaim your car’s superior interior look. Don’t forget to shine the crown using the window cleaner as long as it is metallic. Lastly, most car owners believe that detailing is not done if you haven’t applied a low shin natural finish on the wheels to restore its dark colors.

In Conclusion

Car detailing is time-consuming and can take you half a day to do it right, but the result is always a car you will be proud to drive. It would be better to have all your car detailing tools in one place before you get started.

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