Valentine’s Day Traditions For Your Family ❤️

One of the first holidays you’ll get to celebrate with your family in the new year is Valentine’s Day. While some disregard the day as a “Hallmark holiday” and refuse to participate, I see Valentine’s Day as a great opportunity to celebrate love, have some fun, and show some care and consideration to those in need.

By establishing some Valentine’s Day traditions with your family, you can find ways to make the day meaningful to you and your loved ones. Instead of a holiday to scoff at, transform it into a day your family looks forward to year after year. After all, why turn down an opportunity to make memories together?

If you’re looking for ways to make Valentine’s Day a little bit more meaningful for your family, here are a few traditions to incorporate into the day:


Instead of sharing Valentine’s Day cards bought from the store, challenge your family to make your own valentines for each other. Pick up some construction paper, scissors, glue sticks, and other crafting supplies and make it a family project, or give everyone time on their own to create something to show each member of your family how much they’re appreciated.


While loading up on sugar isn’t necessarily the healthiest way to start your day, it’s one your little ones are sure to appreciate. Start your morning off on a sweet note by whipping up some strawberry pancakes, chocolate chip waffles, cinnamon rolls, or another sugary treat. If you really want to embrace the spirit of the day, pick up a heart-shaped pan or plate.


A great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family is to show love and appreciation to others – even those you do not know. Consider assembling lunches or personal care packages to pass out to homeless in your area, or tying scarves and gloves to trees with notes encouraging anyone in need to take one. You can also spend some time making cards for kids in hospitals or soldiers abroad, or volunteering in some other way around your community.


Many people really associate Valentine’s Day with chocolates and sweets. For a fun way to embrace this theme, try making homemade chocolates, caramels, or other candies from the comfort of your kitchen. Plan ahead and pick up all of your supplies in advance – you’ll likely need a few ingredients you don’t typically keep on hand, as well as some molds to shape your finished products. Find tutorials and how-to videos on YouTube or step-by-step instructions on your favorite recipe website and follow along.


Instead of heading to your favorite candlelit restaurant, which is sure to be overbooked with couples on dinner dates, plan a plan to visit your family’s favorite pizza spot, diner, or other casual establishments. Then, rent a movie to watch back at home, buy a brand new game to play together, or find a bowling alley or arcade that isn’t too busy for some family fun.

Incorporate one or two of these traditions into your family’s Valentine’s Day year after year, and you’ll give your family – and yourself – something to look forward to.

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