Simple Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Kids

As you get older, you realize that the holidays are really more about the kids. Celebrating is all about making them feel special, and the way you celebrate can leave a lasting imprint on their little minds. They will forever remember how the holiday was celebrated and may even continue those special traditions with their children.

Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Kids

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, making it a special celebration with your kids is an exciting way to spend the day with them. You don’t have to go all out with a big celebration. For many children, it is the little things that matter the most and as they grow up, they will remember those tiny details or those little unexpected things about the holiday more than anything else.

Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Kids

Simple Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Kids

From games to ideas that will allow you to spend quality time together with the kids, these are some simple but meaningful ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with kids.

Play the “I Love You Because” Game

Have the kids sit in a circle with you and designate something to be the wand. This can be anything from a wooden spoon to a tube (like one that comes out of the paper towel roll in the kitchen). Then, whoever is holding the magic wand will say “I love you because…” (they will add their reason). As the wand gets passed around the circle, each person will have the opportunity to tell someone or everyone why they love them. 

It may seem like a boring game to play, but when you see their little eyes light up and hear why they love you, it’ll be worth it. You may even get some funny memories that will stick with you forever.

Make and Eat Heart Shaped Foods Together

Hearts are the symbol of love, and making heart-shaped foods is always fun. The kids will love getting into the kitchen and making some of their favorite foods in the shape of a heart.

You can make Valentine’s Day cookies together, make heart-shaped sandwiches for lunch, or enjoy some heart-shaped pancakes or eggs for breakfast. The possibilities are endless, and the kids will love sharing their special Valentine’s Day themed and shaped foods with you.

Enjoy Breakfast in Bed Together

To make breakfast a special occasion on Valentine’s Day, make a special Valentine’s Day themed breakfast for the kids and serve it to them in their bedroom. Join in on the fun with them so that it makes it even more special. The kids will not only be excited about being able to eat breakfast in bed, but they will also love the fact that everything is heart or Valentine’s Day themed.

Make a Valentine’s Day Box Together

Making a Valentine’s Day box with your children can be a fun way for them to get their hands busy and make a craft for the holiday. It’ll allow them to be creative and as you work together making the Valentine’s Day box, memories will be made.

If your child still takes a Valentine’s Day box to school for their Valentine’s Day party, they will love showing it off to their classmates.

Decorate for Valentine’s Day Together

We decorate for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and other holidays but Valentine’s Day often gets overlooked when it comes to decorating. This year, get the kids involved and let them help you decorate the house for the special occasion. 

You can either purchase Valentine’s Day decorations from your local craft or dollar store or you can have the kids make their own. Either way, decorating together will be a special way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the kids.

Pay It Forward and Give Back

Show the kids how important it is to show love to others by doing a random act of kindness for someone or by giving back to the community. Together, as a family, you can help those in your neighborhood, donate items, or donate your time to help those in need.

Throw a Valentine’s Day Party

Big or small, throwing a Valentine’s Day party can be fun for everyone. The kids can use their decorating ideas from above to make the party inviting and welcoming to guests. You can invite friends and family over to celebrate with some tasty Valentine’s Day themed treats, red or pink juice, and even give homemade gifts to everyone. 

Make a Valentine’s Day Craft Together

Grab the craft supplies and start creating! Create a special Valentine’s Day themed craft together for a fun holiday project like this Valentine’s Day Candy Shadow Box craft that Madison and I did a few years ago. For the smaller kids, you can even consider this popsicle stick heart butterfly which was a hit.

Read a Valentine’s Day Book Together

Choose a few fun Valentine’s Day books that you can read together once the day has winded down. The kids, and you, can take turns reading the books out loud as a bedtime story. 

In Conclusion

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to remind your children how much they are loved. Our busy schedules sometimes don’t allow us to stop and show them, but Valentine’s Day is a reminder that you should be celebrating your love for them.

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