Have an Urge to Travel? Try a Staycation

The travel industry is a huge economic driver in the world. It supports a significant number of jobs and has a massive impact on the economy.

However, the pandemic has turned all of that upside down. Now we don’t really need to get into the negatives, as we are all more than aware of those, but what about the positives?

Well “thanks” to the pandemic, there have never been so many great deals on travel during Covid-19.

Let’s have a look at something that is now quite fondly known as a “Staycation”, and see how you can find your ideal one.


A staycation is a vacation taken by someone who lives in their own city. Staycations are on the rise with an increasing number of people choosing to stay at home rather than travel abroad.

These are great for families because they provide some relief from the hectic pace of everyday life. They also offer a more economical option for vacations.

Staycations have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many people choosing to stay at home rather than traveling abroad.

Did you know that Ontario, Canada, is actually offering tax credits for people who take staycations? This is all to revive the economy and looks like it’s working fairly well.

People are out and about, spending on local businesses, and the travel industry is enjoying this “local tourism” boost.

So how do you find these awesome local deals?

Well, let’s start with the hotels first . . .

Hotel Deals

The best way to find good staycations is by checking in with your local hotels or motels and seeing what they offer.

You can always go online or if you already have an idea on which hotel you want to stay in, then just call them up and see what they have.

You’d be surprised at how much of your city you haven’t experienced yet.

For online deals, try the following sites.

Last Minute

Lastminute.com is a company which offers holiday packages and flights. It was founded in the year 2000 and has expanded to offer various products and services such as hotel, car rentals, travel insurance, etc.

These guys are one of the pioneers in the online travel industry and have been at it for over two decades now. They have been able to stay afloat because they offer their customers a wide range of products and services. These can be booked at any time of the day, or night from anywhere in the world.


Expedia.ca is a travel site that offers a variety of travel packages and deals.

Now, this is a travel site that offers a variety of travel packages and deals. It was founded by Michael Kranish, Steven Liggett, and Mark Pincus in 1996. Expedia Inc., the company that owns Expedia.ca, also operates other sites such as Hotels.com, Hotwire, Trivago, Egencia Worldwide Destinations Services, and Travelocity which offer flights, hotels, and car rentals among other services to their customers


TripAdvisor is a travel website that allows people to share their experiences and opinions about hotels, restaurants, and attractions in different locations. TripAdvisor has an app called “TripAdvisor Hotels” that gives people the opportunity to find hotels near them.

The app also provides reviews of hotels from other users who have stayed at them. The reviews are ranked by star rating and include the date of the review. The reviews are grouped by location so it is easy to find reviews for hotels in a specific area.


Trivago Staycation is a new campaign that encourages people to book their next vacation on Trivago.

The campaign was launched in the US in early April 2019.

The campaign is targeting people who are looking for a break from their daily routine and are willing to take up an offer that will let them stay at home and still go on vacation.

Trivago has created a series of videos, which will show how you can have the best staycation ever. The videos will also show what it is like to be on vacation without actually leaving your home.

Yeah, they really went out of their way for this one.

Before You Travel

With the rise of pandemic and Covid-19 related diseases, it is essential to understand how these diseases have affected this industry, and what we can do to prevent them from spreading.

Travelers are at risk for contracting pandemics when they travel locally, or abroad. Especially when they come into contact with other people who may be infected with these diseases.

There are many ways that these diseases can spread, such as through air pollution, food contamination, and water contamination.

There are also some preventive measures that you as a traveler can take, to reduce the risk of contracting while traveling. These include getting vaccinated before traveling and avoiding crowded areas like markets and public transportation systems where there is an increased risk of coming into contact.

Wear a face mask, exercise common sense, and you’ll have a great time.

Just remember that we are still in a pandemic so be kind, and compassionate towards each other.

It’s just the best way to deal with each other anyway.

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