Where Should You Go for Valentine’s Day

Want to take your significant other or partner somewhere special for Valentine’s Day? Maybe you’re looking for a destination that you can take the whole family to for a fun Valentine’s Day experience.

Where Should You Go for Valentine’s Day

If you are asking yourself where you should go for Valentine’s Day, these ideas are for you. Each has their own special attraction and can give you, your partner, or the family an experience they will never forget.

Destinations for Couples and Families on Valentine’s Day

New York  

Head over to experience everything winter in New York has to offer. Since the weather is colder on or around Valentine’s Day, you may be able to avoid much of the visitor traffic and vacation goers. 

A few things to experience in New York on Valentine’s Day:

  • Take a romantic stroll through Central Park with your significant other.
  • See a museum with the family.
  • Go on a shopping spree at some of the boutique shops in the city.
  • Have a dinner at one of the many famous restaurants New York has to offer.
  • While you are visiting, take a carriage ride for a romantic evening with your partner.

Temescal Valley, California

If you want to head to a warm-weather area and avoid the snow, Temescal Valley, California is a good destination for you to take your partner or family. The area doesn’t see any snow throughout the year.

What can you do in the winter in Temescal Valley?

  • Visit Tom’s Farms Amusement Park for some fun with the family. The park offers a variety of different activities, rides, live shows, restaurants, and shops for you to check out. On the weekends, they have a family fun zone that is worth checking out and the kids will love the petting zoo and the magic show.
  • Spend some time at the Glen Ivy Hot Springs. Enjoy the healing waters and beautiful, lush landscape of Glen Ivy at the Glen Ivy Hot Springs. This is the perfect retreat for couples as you enjoy a relaxing escape during the winter. Be sure to take advantage of one of the winter packages so that you can get more for your money and a variety of different activities.
  • Take part in a wine tasting adventure. Temecula Valley has several local vendors and ways to experience some of California’s best wine.

The Bahamas

The perfect place for couples to take a vacation is to head to the Bahamas and enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If you are looking to head out of the states and want to enjoy a romantic experience with the one you love, the Bahamas offers a thrilling and romantic way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the warm coastal air. 

What to do in the Bahamas for Valentine’s Day

  • Enjoy the beautiful sunset over the water with your significant other.
  • Have a romantic dinner at one of the many restaurants on the beach.
  • Visit the day spa and be pampered at the Windermere Day Spa and Salon.
  • Stay at one of the luxurious resorts and enjoy the amenities, have a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, and enjoy some quiet time together.

Seattle, Washington

You know Seattle would make the list! It’s boasted to be one of the most beautiful areas in the United States and we can’t forget that the romantic movie Sleepless in Seattle is based in the city. Those two reasons alone should perk some interest in at least checking out Seattle as an option for a romantic Valentine’s Day destination.

What can you do in Seattle for Valentine’s Day?

  • Go on a guided tour where a local expert will help you experience some of the city’s best food. You can also enjoy a trip to see some of Seattle’s highlights and most beautiful areas with a local tour guide that will show you some of the best attractions Seattle has to offer.
  • Head out on a romantic cruise, do some whale watching, and enjoy the amenities and views with your significant other as you sail through the seas.
  • Take a wine tasting tour that also allows you to see the beauty of nature for a romantic activity.

Kiawah Island

Located just south of Charleston, South Carolina, Kiawah Island is a private island that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beach life and take part in some fun activities. It’s really a beautiful area that you’ll want to put on your bucket list and will make the perfect destination for Valentine’s Day.

What To Do While Visiting Kiawah Island:

  • If you are looking to take your significant other, or family, on a golf and beach vacation for Valentine’s Day, the Kiawah Island Golf Resort is the place you will want to go.
  • Take a nature tour to see the beauty of the area.
  • Head out on some of the boating adventures and water sport activities available on the island.
  • Dine in some of the best restaurants that the island has to offer.
In Conclusion

Make Valentine’s Day special with a trip to one of these destinations! Whether you want to enjoy some time with the family or want to take your significant other somewhere special and romantic, these Valentine’s Day destinations will make the holiday memorable and special for everyone.

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