At-Home Ideas for Anyone Who’s Rocking Valentine’s Day Solo

At-Home Ideas for Anyone Who’s Rocking Valentine’s Day Solo

 When Valentine’s Day rolls around, most couples start thinking of ways to make this romantic day extra special for their sweetheart. But sometimes the best sweetheart you can have is yourself! If you happen to be single during the holiday of love, don’t get frustrated by all the lovey-dovey displays of affection and cheesy Valentine’s Day decorations. There are SO many things you can do to make this day extra special, whether you’re hanging out at home solo or rocking Valentine’s Day with your friends and family. 

At-Home Ideas for Anyone Who’s Rocking Valentine’s Day Solo


Treat February 14 like any other day… simply because it is just another day! You don’t need to do anything special if this holiday doesn’t mean anything to you. If Valentine’s Day makes you sad or uncomfortable, just make plans to make sure you’ll be busy that day. 

Reach out to friends who are single and cook together a meal at your place. Have a full pampering session at home. Invite your best friend over and give each other hair masks. Ask your family to stop by and have a movie marathon or spend the night playing Uno, Scrabble, or Monopoly. Seriously, you’ll feel the love and have an epic time if you celebrate Valentine’s Day your own way.  


Just because you’re not dating anyone at the moment doesn’t mean you can’t go on a romantic getaway alone. Okay, so you’re not technically staying in your own house, but you are staying indoors. Book a stay at a luxurious hotel in your own town or neighborhood. Ensure they have a pool, room service, a spa, and all the amenities you could possibly need to pamper yourself. You deserve it!

At-Home Ideas for Anyone Who’s Rocking Valentine’s Day Solo


Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples anymore. It’s a special day where you get to show the people in your life how much you love them. Call your best friend and plan an epic BFF date night at home. You can binge-watch a couple of romantic movies on Netflix, order some takeout, and have an at-home spa day painting your nails, getting facials, and talking about love and life. Finding true love is rare, but finding true friendship is even rarer, so don’t be afraid to show a friend how grateful you are for having them in your life. 


Grab a scented candle or two or three. Go crazy! It’s spa day! Light up as many candles as needed to recreate your own spa in the bathroom while the tub fills up with water. Order a couple of deluxe bubble bath essentials, like a face mask, some bubble bath, and even a luxurious shampoo that smells amazing. Treat yourself to a full night of relaxation and mentally escape the world for a few hours. Don’t forget to create a special playlist with your favorite songs to play on your phone. When the tub is ready, throw in a bath bomb and let it do its thing. Once it’s ready, hop right on in, play that funky music, and unwind!

At-Home Ideas for Anyone Who’s Rocking Valentine’s Day Solo


An at-home manicure and pedicure? Yes, please! Grab a pumice stone, some lotion, and that collection of nail polish that’s barely been touched, and bring it over to your bedroom or the living room. Start by exfoliating any areas that could use some attention and gently massage a moisturizing foot cream. 

If you want a scrumptious cream that restores moisture, try the OPI Pro Spa Moisture Whip Massage Cream. It’s about $25. Its soufflé-like texture will significantly improve your skin in a matter of minutes. 

Looking for something a bit more luxurious? Try the L’Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream. Not only does it absorb quickly, but this powerful shea butter moisturizer is also residue-free, which means you won’t be sliding on the floor after applying it. Finish off a night of self-love and pampering by painting your toenails and curling up in bed with a good book or a movie.


Find a book on the shelf you’ve never been read before, or head to and pick up a new novel. Have a favorite childhood book you haven’t read in years? Who knows? Maybe reading it again will bring back memories! There are no rules here, and that’s the point! Make a cup of hot cocoa or drink a glass of wine and let yourself get transported to another world. 

At-Home Ideas for Anyone Who’s Rocking Valentine’s Day Solo


Grab your phone and record a short video where you talk about some of the best memories you’ve had with your best friends and family. Don’t be afraid to be goofy or emotional. After all, love is nothing but a word until someone rolls around and gives it meaning. 

Use photos and clips of your favorite trips together, dinner dates, inside jokes, and unforgettable memories you’ve had with your loved ones. Looking for an easy video editor that lets you merge clips, trim videos, and add effects and cool music? Try InShot or Prequel. They’re designed to simplify video editing, even if you’ve never done it before.

Once you finish putting it all together, ask your friends to log in on Skype or FaceTime and surprise them with a video that shows them how much they’re truly loved. It might not be the conventional way people celebrate this holiday, but don’t be afraid to start your own traditions! 


Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to celebrate your life, and what better way to do that than by enjoying a good bottle of wine? Now, there are plenty of options you can choose from at the local supermarket’s wine section. But if you really want to treat yourself, I suggest splurging a bit more and going for a bottle of Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose, an exquisite pink champagne that’s pure amore in a glass. Looking for something a bit more floral for your palate? Try the Chateau Montelena Napa Valley Chardonnay 2017. It’s infused with a delightful blend of apricot, fresh peach, citrus blossom, and rose water, and it’s versatile enough to pair it up with a nice steak or enjoyed on its own. 

At-Home Ideas for Anyone Who’s Rocking Valentine’s Day Solo

And if you’re feeling alone during Valentine’s Day, don’t worry. You’re definitely not alone! But one thing you must remember is that the greatest happiness in life is to love and be loved. Shift your focus towards the beautiful life you’ve created for yourself. Look around you and appreciate what you already have. You’ll quickly realize that love is everywhere. All you need to do is open your eyes. 

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