12 Photo-Worthy Wedding Venues in the World

The most expensive part of your wedding budget, after your guests’ food and drinks, is the venue. Beautiful wedding venues come in different price ranges depending on what you want to achieve. So if one of your aims is to get the most amazing photos ever, you needn’t choose a random location. We’ve looked around the world and pooled together pretty wedding venues that are photo-worthy. From exotic chateaus to rustic wedding venues, estates, hotels, farms, and more, see our wedding venue ideas.

  1. Villa Balbiano

The Balbiano Villa is located in an exclusive spot on Lake Como, Italy. It is a prime destination for celebrity weddings, making it one of the best wedding venues in the world. There’s so much to see, from the pretty lawns on the lakeside to the pools indoors and outdoors. The manicured English-inspired garden, artfully decorated guest rooms, and private dock are the things of romantic dreams. It also has a huge capacity, so go with your entourage and have a nice time.

  1. Aynhoe Park 

If you’re in the United Kingdom and thinking, “Oh, where’s the bridal expo near me?” Anyhoe Park will give you the exact thing you seek because it’s open. Go for a tour. This place blends class, beauty, and serenity. It’s a very unconventional venue that can be interpreted and owned by each couple. From the refined decor to the ethereal surroundings, you’d never want to leave here.

  1. The Royal Palaces

If you have dreamed of a high-class English wedding all your life, the Royal Palace in London, UK is the place. The choices for your ceremony and reception are endless, from the Kensington Palaces to the Banqueting House. If you dig the outdoors, the baroque architecture and Tudor-style structures, manicured gardens, and cobbled courtyards would suit you. Your wedding would certainly be a royal affair, one the guests would never forget.

  1. Four Seasons Florence 

Located in Italy, this is one of the few marriage places that brings everything with the package. You could have your wedding ceremony in any of the venues, or the historic Chapel bounded by frescoes. For the picture sessions, take advantage of the Duomo and the Uffizi Gallery close by. They would form an ethereal Backdrop for your photos. Then move over to ancient church halls or the outdoor gardens at the conventino for the reception. Are there wedding venue ideas more appealing?

  1. Blackberry Farm

Blackberry Farm, located in Walland, Tennessee, is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in the world. Situated on the Great Smoky Mountains, this 4200 acres of beauty breed the perfect pastoral environment for a farm wedding. It’s not alien to celebrations like weddings, fashion shows, and concerts. Hence, you’ll enjoy the best of whiskey, artful meals, and memorable experiences. As for your pictures, the views are breathtaking.

  1. Haiku Mill

Hawaii is a place with culture and roots. Now merge the richness of Hawaiian culture with the regal touch of old Europe, and you get Haiku Mill. Located in Maui, this mill is one of the best wedding venues in the world because it brings you close to nature. It has lush tropical greenery, clear skies, and serenity, and is located on Maui’s North Shore. If you want a sophisticated beach wedding, head to this island for your nuptials.

  1. Hayfield

Hayfield is the ideal rustic, country, and barn dream wedding venue anyone can imagine. This is a Catskill State Park located in Maplecrest, New York, and it has an actual hayfield. The wild grass, large space, giant trees that are decades old, prairie barn, renovated English frame barn, and warmth are to die for. This park is a blank canvas and you can create your vision from it.

  1. Ritz Paris

If you’re talking about pretty wedding venues, think Ritz Paris. Paris is synonymous with love and romance. But it is also known as the city of light, with the Ritz Paris as the icing on the cake. The Ritz Paris boasts a private courtyard, stunning ballrooms, and suits adorned with intricate Parisian details. To top it off, you get a bird’s eye view of the Place Vendome. How cool is that? Little wonder why the “it brides” want to wed here.

  1. Frederick Loewe Estate 

Frederick Loewe is a mid-century estate that sits majestically on a hillside boulder. It is located in Palm Springs, California, and boasts a picturesque view of the San Jacinto Mountains and the Coachella Valley landscape. This is one of our wedding venue ideas, perfect for the sophisticated, modern, or industrial-chic bride that wants intimacy.

  1. The Ferry Building 

A beauty in San Francisco, California, this historical building is modeled after the biggest marketplaces in Europe. It has a dramatic clocktower that suits even the most claustrophobic person. For this reason, the Ferry Building can host any size wedding, from gigantic to intimate. The best part is that guests can explore other activities, including restaurants with exotic foods for jaded palates.

  1. Faena Hotel 

If you want outdoor, starry nights, open-air and fun, choose the Faena hotel. This Miami Beach eclectic masterpiece is one of the best wedding places to get married. It simply holds it down for you from the ceremony until post-nuptial relaxation. With an environment beautified by Damien Hirst’s works and a cathedral boasting Juan Gatti murals, what else could art buffs ask for?

  1. Taj Lake Palace

Located in Udaipur, India, this exotic and romantic palace has hosted the presence of dignitaries like Queen Elizabeth and Jacqueline Kennedy. This place remains one of the most beautiful wedding reception venues, starting from the surroundings. The Palace floats on water. It has a white marble facade and gives a fantastic view of the Aravalli Mountains. This place also offers you a stunning view of Udaipur and infuses magic into your big day. 

In Conclusion

Above are twelve of the most photo-worthy wedding venue ideas in the world. From farms to palaces, vineyards to parks, hotels to halls, there’s something for you. It’s time to have your dream destination or local nuptials at any of these amazing wedding venues. Take a tour of any of these places and get inspired.

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