Teaching Kids the Basics of Laundry ~ #TidePower

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of P&G. The opinions and text are all mines.

I’m of the opinion that kids are never too young to help with chores around the house. Madison recently celebrated her birthday, and it’s my duty as her mother to instill in her values that would ensure she grows up to be a responsible teen and young adult.

I am of the belief that children need structure and engaging in chores helps with that immensely. Madison has been helping with age-appropriate tasks for quite some time. She must keep her room as clean as she can, which means picking up after herself and to feed our cat Cross. Now that Madison’s a year older, I’ve added one more chore to her list, and that is to help with her laundry. This year with me traveling a bit more than average, I need to ensure that she has clean clothing. Although my husband and my teens will be around to ensure that does happen, after all, while I will be stocking my laundry room with Tide, Madison should be able to help. Because when it comes to dirty laundry, she actually has more of it than anyone else.

So what can your little ones do? Here are 4 easy ways your little ones can help with their laundry.

Sort Their Laundry

There are a few easy ways you can do this. First, I would suggest having 2 hampers or laundry baskets in your kids’ room, one for darker colors and one specifically for whites. Let them know that only white items end up in the “white hamper,” while everything else goes in the other hamper. This way, when it’s time to get the laundry done, there is no need to sort all over again.

Help Load the Washer

Your little ones can help load the washer, by simply placing the clothes into the machine. That’s it! There is nothing else to it. Depending on the age of your child, you can even teach him how to use it by showing how to follow the manufacturer’s instruction on the laundry detergent. Since Madison is only 7 years old, she’s not allowed to touch the detergent, and it’s recommended to keep Tide PODS out of reach of children.

Help Load the Dryer

You may have noticed that I keep using the word “help,” that’s because your little ones are only a helper and you will still doing most of the work. However, as with the washer, you can teach your children how to load the dryer once the machine has stopped completely. With a little help, your child would be able to load the dryer and may even start it for you to get it up and running.

Unload the Dryer, Fold and Put Away the Laundry

Teaching your child how to fold their clothes and put away the laundry can be a lifesaver. By doing it one pile at a time, it can make it go by so much easier and quicker. While all clothing doesn’t need to be folded, share with them which need to be hung and which should be folded. I’ve recently taught Madison the basics of how to pair her socks together, how to fold a tee and even her pajamas. It’s one less job for me, and one extra life skill for her.

Now when it comes to the laundry of my family, I trust none other than Tide for all my laundry needs. Not only does it take out the stains that Madison can dish out, but it also leaves our clothes smelling fresh and clean. I usually pick mine up at Walmart because of their everyday low prices. Hopefully, with Madison seeing us using only Tide detergent, will motivate her to use the same when she’s older, as my own mother also only used Tide, as its the – the #1 Stain Removal*, #1 Odor Removal*, #1 Trusted** detergent.

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*Stain and Odor Fighter: Tide PODs Ultra Oxi among laundry pacs in HE machines

**Consumer’s #1 trusted laundry brand in Readers’ Digest survey

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of P&G. The opinions and text are all mines.
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