How to Choose the Right Kayaking Shoes

How to Choose the Right Kayaking Shoes

 When the world suddenly feels suffocating, Kayaking is a great way to go incognito and getting your much-needed peace and quiet. It is a great way to enjoy a sunny day while connecting with nature. However, that’s not all there is to this affair. Do you know that you can burn up to 300 calories per hour while Kayaking?

If that convinced you to try out this outdoor activity, you now may be wondering what you should wear and, most importantly, what are the most appropriate shoes to put on? To make sure that you enjoy the most of your time in the water, here are some tips on picking out the best kayaking shoes!

How to Choose the Right Kayaking Shoes


A Kayak is a small and narrow water vessel that is propelled by a double-bladed paddle that enables you to maneuver the boat faster with ease. It is believed that Kayaking originated from Greenland. The word “Kayak” means “man-boat” in Eskimo, where it was also used primarily for fishing and hunting in northern places such as North America, Siberia.

Kayaking is often mistaken for canoeing because they look the same and use a paddle. However, the difference lies in the paddle and boat itself. Canoeing uses a single-bladed paddle, and the boat is uncovered, whereas, with Kayaking, it is quite the opposite. Kayaks are usually close-decked and can contain only one rider. 


There are risks and dangers to Kayaking. That’s why you should stay clear of injuries or wounds as much as possible, especially in your feet area. If you want a neat and joyful experience, choosing the best shoes for Kayaking can be a challenge. However, it’s not impossible! The following are the things to keep in mind when buying the best footgear for Kayaking:


Do you notice that when your foot is in pain, everything hurts as well? Well, that is because your feet are the foundation of your body. It is important to consider whether the shoes you’re going for are comfortable enough for long hours in the water. Kayaking shoes are typically tight but make sure your foot can still breathe to avoid cramps and suppressed blood flow because they may lead to foot-related dangers. 

Ensuring that you can easily move your feet around will keep you away from distractions and accidents. 


There are different Kayaking shoes in the market for specific seasons. If you plan to go paddling in winter, you’ll need footwear made from 5 millimeter-thick neoprene and a lot of socks. Every kayaker needs to extensively check the weather and temperature of winter waters, especially because as cold as 15 degrees Celsius can start freezing your boat and belongings. 

However, if you will go to warmer waters, you will not necessarily need those thick neoprene shoes and layers of socks. 

How to Choose the Right Kayaking Shoes


The next thing that you have to consider is the features of the waters and the surrounding land that you plan to Kayak into. Sandy and pebbly areas could be annoying as they could make you pull off your shoe every single time to empty out those little stones. For this one, you’ll need enclosed shoes that can go as far up as your knees. As for places with uneven and harsh surfaces, go for something with thicker soles. 


It is crucial to always check the materials used to make your Kayaking shoes. These materials should stick like a second skin, be thick yet lightweight, and dries off fast. The most popular material used for Kayaking shoes is neoprene. This fabric is completely waterproof, which is just the perfect companion for your next water adventure. It also helps to keep your feet warm as long hours in the water make your feet cold. 


Just because it’s cool looking and perfect for an Instagram-worthy picture doesn’t mean it’s the right one.  Many bodies of water can contain hidden dangers such as pointy rocks, tree branches, and other sharp objects. If you’re not wearing the appropriate shoes, you can be at risk for foot and ankle injuries. Kayaking footwear should be tough and durable for your water-related escapades. 

How to Choose the Right Kayaking Shoes

Kayaking can be a dangerous activity. That’s why it’s highly recommended to be fully prepared, especially if you’re a beginner. However, when you’re well-informed enough, this can be one of the best activities that will leave you wanting more. Outdoor activities can bring benefits not only physically but also to your mental health.

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