Winter Activities to Enjoy with the Whole Family

As we enter the start of winter, there’s nothing more exciting than using the fallen snow to create days of endless fun for you and your family.

Here is a list of activities to incorporate into your winter family fun!

Note: As you go about getting the family involved, make sure each family member is performing to their age and ability level, so everyone has a safe and enjoyable time.


Does your family enjoy hiking and spending time in nature during the summertime? Well lucky for you, snowshoeing allows you to experience those beautiful trails in the winter as well. Snowshoes come in smaller sizes for younger children, and the very youngest can be carried by the adults. Consider renting snowshoes for younger children if you would rather not invest in smaller snowshoes as the kids continue to grow.


Ice skating is a sport that can be enjoyed by all ages. If they can walk, they can start to skate. Start slowly to help everyone be safe, but as your children get older, encourage them to try fun ways to mix it up like spinning or skating backward. Because ice skating can be done year-round at an indoor ice skating rink, encourage your children to sign up for lessons if it is something they enjoy. This may become a sport that gets them excited for the next round of the Winter Olympic Games!


If you do not consider sledding a sport, then you have not been sledding in a while. Not only do you get an excellent workout walking up those hills following each time you sled down, but you can make games out of sledding. Whether you let the older children build small “jumps” to see who can do the coolest trick or smooth out a great course to make sure your sled goes as far as possible, creating the perfect sledding hill takes a lot of work and creativity. For younger children, pick smaller hills and make sure they are accompanied by an adult or older sibling to keep them safe.


After your kids have been ice skating for a couple of years and are a little older, you might consider playing a little bit of ice hockey. Find a rink or consider creating one in your own backyard. Divide the family up into teams and play an ice hockey tournament! This might be more fun and challenging for those kids in the family that have some extra energy or like sports that can be a little more aggressive. If there are younger children or members of the family who would rather not play, they can still participate by cheering on each team! As an added note, always make sure that any kids playing hockey are using a sports guard.


If you live close to a mountain resort, which is likely if you live in an area like Park City, Utah, or Vail, Colorado, consider taking the family up the mountain for a day of shredding the powder. Consider putting your children in half-day lessons to give them an opportunity for formal instruction and you a chance to ski or board in places their ability may not allow quite yet. Then spend the other half of the day with the kids showing you what they learned. Many resorts will take children as young as four for group lessons and even younger for private lessons, so you don’t have to wait too long to have a great family day on the slopes.

There are many fun activities available for your family to participate in together. Look for ways to get the whole family involved, and don’t be afraid to learn something new so you can keep up with your kids!

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