Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

Valentine's Day Activities for Kids

 Valentine’s Day is often thought of as a day for lovers but the truth is, it is a day for you to express your love to everyone in your life that you love.

If you want this day to be a memorable one especially for your kids, you can make it happen. If you’ve been searching for a way to make your kids smile on Valentine’s day, here are some fun ways in which you can make this day as memorable as possible.

Make Hearty Pancakes

An easy and fun way to make your kids smile is to make heart-shaped pancakes. To do this you need to buy heart-shaped cookie cutters. Set the cookie cutters on your pan and import pancake batter into them.

Let them cook for a while, when you feel that they are ready you can remove the cookie-cutter and flip them over.

If you can’t find a cookie-cutter or don’t have the time to go to the store to get one, you can pour the batter into a squirt bottle and draw the heart onto the pan to make the heart-shaped pancakes.

Send Flowers

Get the kids involved by creating a list of family members to whom you want to send flowers to on Valentine’s day. Have the kids call the florist and make the orders if they are old enough. If the recipients live nearby you can have the kids go over and deliver the flowers themselves.

This is an easy and fun method that helps kids to think of others in the family instead of just themselves.

Decorate Your Home

Decorating is not just for Christmas. You can decorate your home for Valentine’s Day too and it doesn’t have to be expensive, just stop at the local dollar store and see how many fun decorations you can pick up.

You can also meet the decorations yourself. Get your craft items ready and search the Internet for decoration ideas for kids.

Dress Up

Kids love to play dress-up and Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse to wear red and white or pink. Have your kids pick out clothes that they want to wear on Valentine’s day.

The girls can put red ribbons in their hair and the boys can wear red bow ties, just to give you a few ideas to start with. Ask your kids what they want to do, they are sure to come up with some exciting dress-up ideas for Valentine’s day.

Have Fun

Valentine’s day is all about having fun and making it special for your kids. Make sure you do activities to make it a memorable one for them. Ask them to contribute any ideas that they may have.

Let them decorate, dress-up, and send flowers if they want to. However, be open to any new and interesting ideas that they present to you since this will make the day even more special.

Be sure to discuss with them why the day is so important and talk about ways they can make family members feel loved every day.

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