Vacationing in Melbourne – Tips for Inquisitive Travelers

Vacationing in Melbourne - Tips for Inquisitive Travelers

 It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling to Australia from across the globe or if you’re visiting from another town, there is no denying that Melbourne is one of the most exciting places to be in the Land Down Under. Millions of tourists flock to this bustling urban gem every year, and the reasons behind it are too numerous to list in one place. One thing is for sure; it will take you more than a single day in Melbourne to experience everything that this amazing city has to offer. 

Between the cultural landmarks and the distinct artistic vibe that Melbourne is known for and its numerous entertainment attractions and the surrounding points of interest, there’s plenty to see and do here. That’s why today, we will be taking a look at what an extended vacation in Melbourne should look like, and we’ll be listing some of the best experiences you shouldn’t miss on your trip. 

Vacationing in Melbourne - Tips for Inquisitive Travelers


There are many reasons why you would want to visit Melbourne, but the experienced traveler knows all too well that this is a city where art and culture thrive. Whenever you choose to visit, Melbourne probably has more than one festival going on at that time, which means that those looking for cultural rejuvenation will have a fantastic time. Music, theater, cinema, comedy, foodie festivals, you name it, Melbourne probably has it.

The best way to experience it all is to plan your trip around the festivals you’re interested in, like the Fashion Festival in March, the Comedy Festival in April, the Good Beer Week in May, the Jazz Festival in June, Open House Melbourne in July, White Night in winter, the Film Festival in August, Melbourne Fringe in September or the Melbourne Festival in October. As you can see, there is something for everyone, and the festival culture in Melbourne is definitely something you shouldn’t miss!


Melbourne is an expansive and fascinating city, but most travelers focus only on what’s around them instead of trying to get that panoramic view of the skyline. Luckily, there are many ways you can get this unique experience and grasp the sheer size and beauty of this urban gem, depending on your budget, of course. Naturally, if you’re here to splurge, you can always go on a private helicopter tour across the city, but if you’re not up for it, you can always choose a less extravagant option.

Melbourne is one of the best destinations to visit with kids, and the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel is one of the top places to get an amazing panoramic view of the city. The tours are half an hour-long, and you can choose a simple sightseeing experience or even a more up-scale package to enjoy some champagne as you’re soaking in the beauty of the cityscape below. 

Vacationing in Melbourne - Tips for Inquisitive Travelers


For all its expansive beauty and glory, it’s important to note that not all of the best experiences are found in the city center. In fact, one of the best ways to experience the city is to find an adequate car rental in Melbourne and go on a road trip across its fringe neighborhoods, detached beaches, and those special sunset spots that are worthy of the best Instagram travel pages. 

You can take your family for a ride around the Port Philip Bay, exploring the neighboring towns of Geelong or Frankston, making sure to stop at those breathtaking spots like Port Wilson and Swan Island to capture those stunning views. You will also find numerous national parks around the city where you can camp, hike and trek, and enjoy some peaceful outdoor time with your loved ones. 

Vacationing in Melbourne - Tips for Inquisitive Travelers


Whether you’re religious or just a spiritual person taking care of their mind and soul, Melbourne is one of those cities that nurtures all cultures and their heritage. You might even call it one of Australia’s sacred places because walking through Melbourne can genuinely be a restorative experience.

You can visit the breathtaking St. Patrick’s Cathedral in East Melbourne, the beautiful Sunshine Mosque, or if you’re not a part of any religion, then a walk around the Shrine of Remembrance will definitely give you the spiritual rejuvenation you’re looking for. The Shrine of Remembrance honors the 19,000 Victorians who gave their lives during WWI and is truly a sight to behold.


It should go without saying, but Melbourne is one of the world’s top foodie destinations, and much like its festival scene, there is something for every foodie out there. If you want to make your travel more enjoyable and special, then you will definitely set out to sample some of the best cuisines that Melbourne has to offer during your lengthy stay.

You’ll find the best eateries in the CBD (city business district), of course, but the foodie trail will also take you through the neighborhoods of Fitzroy, Southbank, Prahran, and St. Kilda. In these districts, you will find everything from casual dining to experimental and fusion restaurants, all the way to those fine-dining experiences with a memorable view.

Vacationing in Melbourne - Tips for Inquisitive Travelers

Wrapping up

Melbourne is one of the best cities to live in, but it’s also one of the best cities to visit as an inquisitive traveler. With these tips in mind, go ahead and plan yourself an unforgettable Melbourne escapade.

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