What To Expect On Aboriginal Travel in Australia?

Australia — the land of the Indigenous Aboriginals is any traveller’s dream destination. With their culture dating back to way before the pyramids or Stonehenge, the Aboriginals are one of the oldest surviving cultures in the world, stretching for over 50,000 years. 

Several tours and travel operators across Australia are using Aboriginal guides to share their age-old stories and culture with travellers and take them on an enchanting journey across place and time. Discover Australia through the eyes of its first inhabitants on aboriginal tours in Australia.  

Aboriginal Travel in Australia

A land of incredible contrasts and spectacular beauty, Australia is the world’s smallest continent and largest island. From vibrant multicultural cities to enchanting sand islands, ancient rainforests, rugged national parks, the awe-inspiring Great Barrier Reef – Australia has it all to make it to the top on bucket lists all over the world. And who better to guide you through the sights and sounds of Australia than the Aborigines – the Traditional Custodians of the Land? 

The best way to explore Australia’s natural offerings, its sacred sites, and its indigenous culture is through Aboriginal tours in Australia led by aboriginal guides and rangers. Listen to sacred legends of the aboriginal Dreamtime – when the great spirits conjured the coral reefs, learn how to play the didgeridoo, get acquainted to the fascinating aboriginal tradition, art and culture through aboriginal tourism. It’s amazing how the thousands of years old indigenous culture can be experienced today.  

There’s something for every traveler in aboriginal tours – bush tucker walks, didgeridoo and weaving lessons, guided rock art tours, adventure tours and cultural tours. 

Here’s what to expect on aboriginal travel in Australia.

Aboriginal Guides

Aboriginal guides are warm, welcoming and exceptionally generous. They have lived here for millennia and are keen to share their stories. Their experiences and stories provide a valuable insight into the Australian places and cultures quite unlike anything else you’ll experience. Every corner of the land has intriguing Aboriginal stories woven into its fabric. Experience the strong cultural connection between the people, land and place. 

Aboriginal Activities

There are numerous options for Aboriginal guided travel in Australia, with something on offer for every kind of traveler – adventure seekers, cultural enthusiasts, foodies or nature lovers. Experience the best of Aboriginal culture at the gateway destination Sydney, or Central Australia, or in the vast swaths of wilderness and red earth at Kimberley. Venture deep into Arnhem land, get to know the ancient Songlines, learn about bush tucker, medicines, the local arts and customs, traditional folklore and language – there are options galore waiting for you across this spectacular country. Find out about bush foods, the didgeridoo, ancient hunting methods and the art of throwing boomerang and spears. 

Some of the best aboriginal tours will take you to places like the World Heritage Area Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Kakadu National Park in Northern Territory, Kooljaman wilderness camp at Cape Leveque, the Wangaar-Wuri caves in northern Queensland and many more places.   

Aboriginal Travel in Australia

Aboriginal Culture 

You can explore Australia’s oldest cultures and spectacular landscapes with an aboriginal guide and experience how it reshapes the way you connect with the world. 

Aboriginal culture follows a holistic approach, with great connection attached to family, community and country. Land is of great significance to Aboriginals. The idea of ‘being on country’ or land is what defines aboriginal people. They believe land is their food, culture, spirit and identity. Their ancestral spirits appeared from the earth and the sky and created what we call ‘life’. The home is the epicentre of family and religious life. 

Many tours hosted by aboriginals feature Aboriginal folklore, the Dreamtime – the time when the earth was formed and cycles of life started, epic tales of the land and the way it formed. The aboriginals retell their stories through songs, dances, fables, cave paintings. These songs and fables are often about powerful spirits who created land and people during Dreamtime.

Art and Museums

The fascinating history and culture of indigenous Australian people are finely showcased in the visitors’ centers, art and cultural centers, museums and festivals around the country. Rock paintings depicting the Dreamtime can be found in many parts of Australia. The rock galleries in Kakadu National Park display some of the most well-preserved indigenous rock paintings.  

Aboriginal culture is getting increasing appreciation across Australia, which is evident in the numerous galleries that exhibit Aboriginal art, tools, musical instruments and artefacts. These are priceless and highly sought after by tourists from all over the world. Shop at Welcome to Country store while on an aboriginal tourism experience in Australia. 

 Exclusive Accommodation

While on an aboriginal travel in Australia, choose to stay at aboriginal-owned unique accommodation units including island wilderness retreats, safari tents, huts. It’s the best way to experience the soul of Australia. 

Now that you have an idea of what aboriginal tours involve, it’s time to plan your perfect aboriginal tourism experience in Australia!

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