What To Do While You’re Waiting for Your Hotel Room to Be Ready


What To Do While You're Waiting for Your Hotel Room to Be Ready

Going on a trip requires a lot of advanced preparation, so once you’ve arrived at your destination, it should be smooth sailing—right? Well, not quite. There’s still the issue of getting to your accommodations from the airport, especially if you happen to arrive from an early flight, way before hotels open.

If you find yourself in such a situation, take our advice on what to do while waiting for your rooms:

What To Do While You're Waiting for Your Hotel Room to Be Ready


The first thing on your mind is to probably ease your burdens, namely your luggage. You won’t fancy having to bring them around unless you’re traveling light. But if you have a lot of luggage and you’re hours away from checking in, explore safe luggage storage solutions. They can help you find a secure place to stash your belongings if your hotel won’t take them yet.

Keep in mind, however, to still bring your more precious property with you. You’ll never know when you might need them. Additionally, take the chance to change into more comfortable wear before you store your luggage since you may find yourself roaming the area for a while.

What To Do While You're Waiting for Your Hotel Room to Be Ready


Preparation is key. And so, to avoid a long wait for your rooms, find a hotel that accommodates early check-ins before you go on your trip. Typically, they won’t mind letting you in if you’re only a few hours early, so try inquiring inside if you’re already there. Do this as early as you can since it will make it easier for hotel staff to deal with sudden changes.

Other hotels have policies for early check-in wherein you have to pay a little extra for their services. The cost might seem like a hassle, but it tends to be at a lower rate than that of an extra day. It’s all worth it to get some rest after a tiring day of traveling.


Both hotels and airports have amenities to cater to weary tourists, such as guest lounges. When you have nowhere else to spend your time while waiting, see if you can buy a day pass for lounge access. For hotels, their concierge area can also be a place for early arrivals to relax in.

Inside lounges, you can find a place to sit as well as some snacks and drinks. Newspapers,  magazines, or even a TV can provide some leisurely entertainment. This is also where you can find access to Wi-Fi, which you can use to research any later activities.

What To Do While You're Waiting for Your Hotel Room to Be Ready


If the lounge isn’t working out, there’s plenty of other areas in the hotel for you to check out. The business center is an excellent place for those on a business trip. It functions as a workspace complete with computers and printers. Even if you won’t be working during your trip, you can at least use the internet access to catch up on some online reading or watching.

Another idea is to go to the hotel spa. After asking permission, you can borrow their shower and even sleep as you wait for your rooms to open. On the other hand, the gym is also a novel place to wait in if you aren’t too tired from your trip. It may not be your first choice, but you can likely access the Wi-Fi there while you have a short workout.


Arriving early just means that your trip can begin a bit sooner than expected. Once you’ve got your luggage secured, you can get a jump start on exploring the neighborhood. If you’re lacking in ideas, you can try checking out airport layover guides that can suggest quick yet fun activities.

Asking the hotel staff is also a great way to learn which places are a must-visit. The front desk can have some good ideas for restaurants and shops that you might not know of. Moreover, it’s an excellent opportunity to learn more about the places you will be visiting to be better prepared once you go.

What To Do While You're Waiting for Your Hotel Room to Be Ready

Travelling is only fun with minimal worry, but these problems are a part of any adventure, so it helps to have a contingency plan and a can-do attitude. No amount of preparation can insulate you from every inconvenience, such as arriving too early for your hotel room. The best way to approach this is by simply looking at the bright side. Make the most out of your trip and take a walk outside your comfort zone, even if it’s only until your room becomes available.

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