Funding A Vacation To The US: 8 Creative Ways To Make Your Trip Last Longer

Vacations are expensive, even when you have a strict budget. Taking an extended break means that you will need to have plenty of funds in reserve to keep you going. If you want to ensure you keep your vacation going as long as possible, you should plan in advance.  

There are many funding options to help you keep traveling beyond your initial vacation plans. Ensure you consider all your options to find the best fit.  

Funding A Vacation

Blog Your Journey 

Earn money through blogging by offering affiliate marketing and sponsorship on your posts. You will need a well-established blog to start making money, so begin blogging far in advance of your travels. Post high-quality, informative and entertaining content to begin building your following. Write about a topic you are passionate and knowledgeable about.  

Stick To The Essentials 

Avoid any luxury items and stick to the essentials. Consider camping instead of staying at hotels and buying groceries to make meals yourself instead of dining out. Take public transport rather than taxis. Whenever you spend money, consider if there are ways you can reduce the cost.  

Do Odd Jobs 

Sign up for an app or website that connects people with manual skills to those needing jobs done around the house. Ensure you have the knowledge and expertise to do the work. Remember to declare your earnings for taxation and ensure your visa allows you to work.  

Start A Portable Side Hustle 

Earn while you travel by taking a working vacation. Look for jobs before you leave and apply for a work visa. Spend your time off exploring your destination. Popular jobs include nannying and fruit picking. Ensure you understand immigration work laws and find a dependable USA immigration law firm like Farmer Law to help you.  

Go On A Working Vacation 

Work on the go with a side hustle. Consider offering freelance services such as copywriting, web design or proofreading. Sell crafts and homemade goods on websites like Etsy. 

Start House Sitting 

Check out local ads appealing for house sitters. There are also websites and apps that can help you find people that need their homes taken care of. You may also need to water plants and feed pets in addition to ensuring the home is safe and secure. This can be a great way to cut down on accommodation costs.  

Get A Remote Working Job 

Find a job that allows remote working and travel while remaining in your role. Ensure you choose a place that is in the same or similar time zone. Get permission from your employer before traveling.  

Delay Your Trip To Save More 

The more you save, the longer you can travel. Consider delaying for six months or a year to build a bigger cushion of savings. Avoid unnecessary expenses and create a budget to stay on track with your saving goals.

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