5 Ideas for an Autumn Trip to Poland

Everyone loves autumn. From the bright falling leaves to pumpkin spice and apple cinnamon, there’s just so much to love about this season. However, while autumn is an absolutely lovely season, it’s even more magical in Poland. 

Ideas for an Autumn Trip to Poland

If you’re planning a trip to Poland during the fall, you’ll have so much to see and do. From the magnificent fairytale forests to cozy cafés and the beautiful Polish women, you’ll definitely get the ultimate Polish experience. 

For many tourists, summer may seem like the best time to go on a vacation to Poland. However, an autumn trip is just as interesting, and we’ll share with you all the fun activities you can partake in during your trip. 

Let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we? 

5 Ideas for an Autumn Trip to Poland

Why Should You Visit Poland in the Autumn? 

Just in case you still need some extra prodding to make that autumn trip, here are a few reasons why visiting Poland during fall is a great idea:

Fewer Crowds 

You’re probably thinking: “Oh, summer is such a wonderful time to travel.” Although your assertion is right, the catch is that every other vacationer is probably thinking the same thing too. This explains why the summer months are typically extremely busy for travel anywhere in the world, especially in Poland. You’ll have to keep elbowing fellow tourists out of the way just to get a clear view of attractions and sights. 

However, Poland is less crowded in autumn. The wait time for museums and other attractions is much shorter and public spaces are not filled with irate tourists. This way, you can enjoy a less tedious trip. 

Great Temperature 

Let’s face it: Poland is extremely hot in the summer. In most cases, you’ll find yourself having to dive into an air-conditioned cafe just to escape from the sweltering heat. Imagine having to navigate through the Crooked forest with the sun beating down heavily on your exposed back. It’s a much better option to travel to Poland during autumn. This way, you can walk through the city without dripping buckets of sweat. 

Better Prices

Since summer is a popular season for tourists, prices for hotels, museums, and other attractions tend to be at their peak. On the other hand, if you travel to Poland during the off-season, you’ll end up enjoying great prices and will spend less on fun activities. 

Top Fun Activities to Try Out in Poland During Autumn

Are you visiting Poland this autumn and aren’t sure what to do on your trip? Here are some fun ideas you could try out to make your vacation an interesting one:

Take a Walk Through Bialowieza forest 

The Bialowieza forest is one of the most popular forests in Poland. It covers a total area of about 550 square miles and has wild, lonely grounds. During autumn, you can get to see this iconic attraction in all its glorious sights. However, it is under strict protection and can only be accessed in the company of a guide. 

If you’re looking to have an exciting vacation in Poland, you can decide to stroll through this magnificent forest and take in the beautiful scenery. Within the forest, you can also find the National Park and various trails to explore. For instance, you could have a nice walk through the Żebra Żubra trail which leads you directly to the Bison Reserve. 

Sail Through the Masurian Lakeland 

The Masuria Lakeland is an area of exotic natural beauty with up to 2000 lakes. As such, it’s a great option for anyone seeking to escape the busy town for a little peace and quiet. Unfortunately, once summer ends, Masuria can be a little colder than normal. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s any less charming. 

During your trip to the Masurian Lakeland, you can engage in exciting water sports like sailing, kayaking, fishing, windsurfing, and even swimming. However, visitors who need a little more thrill can try out ballooning or take a flight with the powered hang glider. 

Take a Tour to Krakow, the Most Touristic Polish city

Krakow, a young and vibrant city, is one of Poland’s most popular tourist sites. For any guest, this quaint city holds a lot of interesting and attractive sights. To begin with, you can visit St. Mary’s Basilica located at the Main Square. Its interior is decorated with dazzling holds and bright blues, making it a delightful sight for any tourist. 

Every hour, a window opens where a trumpeter plays a traditional tune in St Mary’s highest tower. 

However, to enjoy the true beauty of Polish autumn, we recommend you experience the sunset on top of Kopitar hill, a lovely hilltop park that overlooks the old town. 

Visit Warsaw

Warsaw is a beautiful town in East-Central Poland with a wide range of interesting sights and activities. During your trip to Poland, you can take a stroll around Warsaw’s Lazienki Park. It is unarguably the most beautiful park in Warsaw. It’s beautiful in summer but gets even more magnificent when dressed in autumn’s bright colors. 

This popular park stretches over 80 hectares and includes a lake and palace on the water. It also has numerous amphitheaters and monuments that you can feed your eyes on. Watch out for the red squirrels and ducks though. They’ll most likely try to snatch your food from your fingers. 

Visit the Polish Baltic coast 

The Polish coast is a great idea for any tourist seeking to experience the true beauty of autumn in Poland. To begin with, it has significantly fewer tourists during the off-season. You can also enjoy a quiet walk down the beach with the wind running through your hair and tugging at your clothes. 

If you’re lucky, you may stumble upon a real amber on the beach. If you aren’t, you can always purchase one from a nearby store as it is a very popular souvenir for tourists. 

In Conclusion

Autumn in Poland can be an exciting and magnificent experience for any tourist. During your trip, you can visit a wide range of beautiful attractions and try out exciting activities. Don’t forget to take a walk through the Bialowieza forest if you truly want to experience autumn’s bright colors.  Have a safe trip! 

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