How to Start Paddle Boarding with the Family

Are you looking for a fun, family-friendly summer activity? Here’s how to start paddle boarding!

How to Start Paddle Boarding with the Family

The holidays come with an excitement that you want to keep ablaze, especially if you have kids. You need to do something out of the ordinary that will forever be a memory to them. You can decide to do paddle boarding with your family. If you are worried about safety, this sport is fun and safe as long as you have the right gear and follow all the rules in place. Get a paddle for the whole family, make it fun and safe, and your kids will ever be begging for you to hit the road again.

How to Start Paddle Boarding with the Family


It’s true, paddles are cheap. But if you intend on getting on board with the whole family, you need to get something big enough and whose quality is not doubtable. There are several options from which you can choose. The most common options include the entirely solid paddles and the inflatables.

When getting one for a family, there are a few things to keep in mind. For instance, it is better to get the bigger options rather than going for one that is too small. A bigger paddle is more comfortable, safer, and more stable. Also, it is better to choose an inflatable with a paddle and a pump. They are more comfortable and easier to use, especially if you have a very young child who wants to get in on the fun as well. Expert reviewer, David De Haan breaks down some great options for children as far as choosing a paddle board is concerned. When making a choice, you want to think about the following factors:

  • Size
  • Stability
  • Design
  • Quality and performance


As earlier mentioned, paddle boarding is a fun sport only when you observe the rules and have the right gear. You need to get everyone on board with the right gear for the sport. If it’s your first time, some of you will likely flip into the water and get wet. Therefore, whenever you head for the water, make sure you have a change of clothes in your trunk. 

The most common gear is the wetsuit in this case. If you are paddle boarding in summer, then you can have the wetsuit on only and the floater jackets on. If it is during the cold season or the weather is cold around the waters make sure you layer under the wetsuits to keep you warm. Take good care of the kids, as they are more likely to catch colds than you are.

How to Start Paddle Boarding with the Family


Kids are a blessing to us all until they get whiny and all. Get tired easily, bored hungry, thirsty are all that describe kids. Just the adult is getting ready to have a whole three or four hours of fun doing the same thing over and over again, your kids will probably get bored within the first 20 minutes and even less if the open waters aren’t their thing. If you are going to go paddle boarding with your kids, get your hopes lowered, or else you will be all annoyed and miss the fun part of it all. 

You can however spice things up by paddling to the middle of the lake and maybe asking your kids to contest to see who will do the best jump off the board or just sit on the paddle, legs out and have a chat. You know your kids better and will figure out how to cheer them up when paddling is no longer what they want to do while you are still in the middle of the lake.


When it’s your first time out there, you need to check the conditions and see if they are favorable for the family. You will want the safety of your kids to be your top priority. This includes their psychological safety. When the waters are calm and cool, it is safe for you and the kids. When things start getting a little bumpy, head out. What might seem like normal or small waves to you might scare your kids. 

When you are small, average things like waves and distances appear larger than usual. The 1-foot wave that looks minute to you might be a whole tsunami to them. When you notice they are no longer comfortable, head out. There is nothing as dangerous as having someone on board panicking while you are in the middle of the lake. All in all, make the experience as fun as possible for everyone on board.

How to Start Paddle Boarding with the Family

If you are looking for an outdoor activity that will be memorable for the entire family, paddle surfing can be a great option. If you have not done it before, at least not with your family, consider the tips given in this piece.

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