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I am of the firm belief of empowering females and with daughters I encourage them to do whatever they can. I support their dreams and have told them over and over, that they can do anything they put their mind to. My 3 year old loves everything her bigger sister and brothers do and have even wanted to wear their clothing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a girl wearing boy clothing. As a matter of fact, while I was growing up I had no sisters, I however had 2 older brothers and I would sometimes steal their tees so I can have oversized shirts. Even as an adult you may sometimes find me walking around the house in my still oversized tees. Nothing wrong with that at all. My boys have worn pink because to me it’s just a color. Whoever came up with blue is for boys and pink is for girls didn’t know what they were doing. My daughter can wear anything she wants to! So when Up and Away Jackets once again asked us to feature their jackets we decided to do something different.

Usually we would feature a “girlie” jacket but one of their newer jacket featured a boy. It was their Paleontologist Jacket inspired by jackets worn by “Indiana Jones” and fossil excavators around the world. Now automatically you would think, well this is for a boy, but there are female paleontologist too. I personally don’t consider any career gender specific and like to think of them all as gender neutral. My daughter loves to play in the sand and dirt just as much as any boy does, so this was perfect for her.

The Paleontologist jacket features three dinosaur fossil-themed patches and an American Flag patch. It is made of 100% cotton and is water repellant which I loved. It also has two front storage pockets and two side hand pockets, perfect for when the weather is cool like it is now. I even loved the cute little brown collar.

Now the next is something that I fell in love with immediately. The Up and Away Girl’s MA-1 Flight Jacket takes its cues from flight jackets worn by past aviators, and honors the WWII Women’s Air Service Pilots. While most people think of pilots being mostly men, yes there have been women pilots as well, just like most people seem to think that it’s mostly men that serve in our armed forces. I can’t tell you how many times I would get, “so how long was your husband in the army?” and my response would be “he’s never served, I did!”. Yes us women serve in the armed forces doing jobs that were only once reserved for men. The military is also now gender neutral and jobs are offered to everyone!

The Girl’s MA-1 Flight Jacket has 7 pilot-themed embroidered patches and is made of 100% nylon. One of the thing I really loved was the detailing on this jacket. From the airplane zipper pulls to the cute little patches.

The side pockets which snaps close are perfect for putting little hands into, which is what Madison just loves doing. This jacket like the Paleontologist jacket is also water repellent. These make the perfect Spring and Fall jackets or very mild winters.

Up and Away Jackets generally runs true to size but it’s recommended that you order one size up. Madison currently wears a 3T/4T but we got a size 4/5 in both jackets and you can see the fit on her. We love that they are all water repellent and we’ve never had a problem with our Up and Away Jackets. They wash well and hold up great! These are perfect for the Spring weather but will make great gifts for the boy or girl in your life.

Let’s discuss: What do you think of girls wearing “boys” clothing? 

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