Sunday Update from the Hospital

Madison’s mommy here. It’s not often that there’s a Sunday update and this is being done from a place we would prefer not to be.

Being military there are days when I’m gone for days or even weeks on end doing my military duty. As you may have noticed on those days my posts are generally scheduled. June is one of those months. I was gone from June 4th and returned on June 13th. As you also know I have been having medical issues which have placed our blog work on a temporary hold.

Having just recently had surgery what would have been the odds that I would need another? Apparently Friday the 13th was just not my day. I was hospitalized again and needed another surgery done for having broken my stitches open from my previous surgery. Now what this means is that there is going to be another recovery process. It also means that reviews are once again on hold but won’t be forgotten. We promise not to disappoint our readers and sponsors. We will certainly make it up to you all.

Happy Father’s Day also to all the amazing dads out there!

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